Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Homemaker Support Video: Royal Speech at Home

Hello Ladies,

Today I relate aspects of speech at home; speech that helps you, raises you away from mediocrity.

Please leave a whole heap of remarks!!!

Vitamin E capsule contents mixed with coconut oil for my face today:

Here are the Dollar Tree purchases I’m wearing today
Wet & Wild Pink Ice frosted—has a light peach tone.

Wet &Wild Eyebrow brush/crayon: Ash Brown
Both items slightly more expensive in other stores.


Feminine Belle said...

I really did enjoyed the grammar lesson. One example in particular you tackled I had a hard time understanding in the past as a student.

You turned it into something relatable. Thank you!!

We have a figure of speech in our family as well. For years we called my husband's favorite cereal *dog food*. It was because he said it looked LIKE....there's that word again... dog food to him.

One man has certain words to depict the difference between unruly women and others.

Females for the unruly
Women for the refined

Lydia said...

good ideas Lisa.

Amelia said...

I enjoy your makeup recommendations. The Wet n Wild brand is also cruelty free as well as affordable. The 'elf' brand often seen at Walmart is cruelty free also and very affordable...

I recently found the 'Raspberry Talk' color in the Wet n Wild brand lip gloss at a drugstore lately and found it to go nicely with my fair complexion and dark hair, trying new things is fun I think.

Blessings! ~Amelia

Lydia said...

Amelia I have that color as well as the cherry

Amelia said...

Oh...I need to look into the cherry too. I also love all the salmon and pink tones as well, I'll get to them one at a time...If I can stop at a Dollar Tree or Dollar General soon I'll be in business! *big smile*

Amy B said...

I love your new apron; so cute. Ticking fabrics are lovely. I love to make things from them (some now are in a lighter weight cotton, too). I enjoy review the parts of speech as well. Thank you. We seem to have lost not only our knowledge of history, but our use of the English language as well these days. Thank you for putting a lovely series of videos together!