Thursday, June 27, 2019

Homemaker Support Video: Speak Royally Well

Today I talk about more figures of speech and the importance of uplifting conversation.

Lipstick: Wet & Wild (Dollar Tree) "Fuscia"


Feminine Belle said...

I am glad I no longer have to take notes for this grammar lesson. ;-)

I am dressing royal today and took time to style my hair.

Unboxed live plants in my home while listening to you and now getting ready to head out to plant them! Wish my headphones reach outside!

meal planning
floral and fauna
putting up food (can or freezing)
how to keep positive
favorite laundry trick and tip
food tip/s
your quick meals for family

Paula said...

These videos have really been enjoyable to listen to while getting some tasks done. Thank you for these. There is so much to think about I am sure I will need to listen to some again.
The stories of the two ladies you told about are very inspiring. How they moved forward and made the most of a situation without complaining. We can all use these examples as reminders from time to time.
I find the information on the Victorian age interesting. Could you recommend any books on the subject? I know you referenced a book in the one of the videos. Are there others? Thank you! Paula

Lydia said...

Lilaclady925 please email me.

Lydia said...

please tell me if these videos still play. YT has altered some

Feminine Belle said...

As far as I can tell the videos do play.

Dear Patrons and supporters,

Please chime the icon for notification on YouTube to make sure you get Lydia's updates!

Here's hoping for a live stream most of us can be apart of! :-)

Lydia said...

Yes that is one thing I recently learned—click the bell or the updates won’t apoear and you will have to go looking for them

Amy B said...

Wonderful topics today! I used to change my living room or bedroom arrangements every month or so, just give variety. I have found I haven’t done that much in recent years. I think I shall pick up that habit again. Thank you for your companionship and sharing your thoughts and knowledge.