Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Support for Homemakers--Creating Well-Being at Home

Painting: Wind Blown by Daniel Ridgeway Knight 1839-1924

I give a different perspective on taking a walk in the weather.

Also, I introduce the concept of making your appearance (including clothing) "greater than your surroundings."

Who would want to see royalty if they dressed like they didn't care?

I mention the New Testament description  of Christians as "a royal priesthood."

Today I talk about  having a sense of well-being at home. I read something interesting from Alexis de Toqueville , a writer of history.

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Songsparrowgarden said...

Lydia again I must say how wonderful your visit is. The things you bring up for discussion are simple and beautiful ideas to incorporate into my life. I remember growing up in the 50's. . the women and men would dress in their finery (however simple and affordable it was) and take their walks / constitutions. . and always be polite even to me, a child at the time. One little woman 'Mary' would invite me to tea at her little apartment in the same building as our own. Also love your bringing up the day of the week towels and such. . I have those and am going to work on embroidering them to my own tastes and needs. . and what you read is truly uplifting and makes good sense. I now want to read some of his works. And true we live in modern times but can incorporate the best of what we love from the past. I've felt I've had to push to get those types of needs met for myself. . but I don't have to push. . I just get to put my energies into those types of things that I love from the past - - and let others carry on with what they prefer, minding my own way as I go forth. It makes life simpler and easier and truly more enjoyable and comforting. Thank you for these very warm and welcoming talks incorporating your really wonderful ideas. I greatly admire your wisdom and appreciation of gentler times.

Feminine Belle said...

Love the nature walk talking point. You taught your children to not only look, but to observe.

One of our past walks included deer standing not far from us. For some reason they thought our dogs were baby deer and came quite close to us from the other side of a barbwire fence as we joined them from the other side. Well, once the whiff of scent took place, they snorted, threw up their tails and dashed off into the deep woods with us standing there smiling.

Have on your forest dress for this talk I see! ;-)

I had break-fest with you this morning. Thanks for keeping me company as I finished up with peach/apple cinnamon tea.

Lydia said...

Yes,thats my forest-go-for-a-walk dress. Will tell about it on future vid.

true, just create your era your history ---create customs for your life

A. Law said...

Dear Lydia,
I enjoyed this video so much! So many good helpful tips to keep us in the right frame of mind.
Thank you for all you do.
A. Law

Lydia said...

Very helpful comments that give me subject matter for the future