Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Homemaker Support Video---Dress Royally at Home

Hello Ladies,
Today I am talking about dressing royally as homemakers and in a way, making it a refined and royal appointment at home, plus how it will affect your mood.

Somewhere in my talk I refer to a video a viewer forwarded me with a lady who doesn’t do stress cleaning and likes to work in a more graceful way . Here it is. Note her long skirt, too. She is ahead of me in her whole approach to house work and home making:

This lady does slower cleaning videos, she doesn't like the jumping around panic cleaning.

I also include art depicting women wearing the unique and elegant garment called a dress. I think being home affords much more freedom to dress in a lovely way without the peer pressure to conform to the prevailing culture of clothing.

Usually ladies ask for the type of lip gloss I use, so here it is:

Wet & Wild (from Dollar Tree, or slightly higher priced at WalMart & Safeway:
Lip Gloss: "Cherish" #557
Plum Powder Palette #344


FaithfulRose92 said...

One of the reasons, I follow your blog is that I LOVE the art you post, I just love the pretty pictures of women in lovely dresses!

One thing is I hope one day, I am a housewife. The thing is I've never even had a boyfriend, one of the main motivators in my current weight loss journey is really finding a man, though I haven't mentioned it anywhere but here.

Right now, I have a small part time job as a custodian to help contribute around the house for my parents, but one day I hope I find a man and have children, and I'm able to stay at home.

I've already sort of started "practicing" I'm trying to improve my cooking skills and become a better housekeeper. Sadly, I know nothing can prepare me for kids though XD

I hope one day I have a nice home like you!

Lydia said...

You are thoughtful to write to us here!

Gigi said...

Personally, I very much enjoy your videos. I am in a "dream world" myself, but I like it that way. When I go out to the grocery store wearing a dress [as I wear them every day, even for gardening, weeding, cleaning, helping out with animals, etc.] and feeling happy with life, I see so many sad looking folks, dressed in jammie type pants, sloppy t shirts, etc. and just looking glum ... with life in general? I feel like I have a little secret ... you don't have to follow the crowd, or fit in with the current fashion styles ... just having my own little family to take care of ... not fitting in or pleasing one's fashion standards of the world ... it's all so much more lovely ...
I have had a few workers at the store ask if I were going to "work" after grocery shopping, questioning why I was dressed up nicely (really - just a skirt, nice shirt and looking presentable - not a prom dress!), I gladly and happily explained - I was going home to my family afterwards. :)

Feminine Belle said...

On speaking of dresses.

When younger and attending school I remember speaking with one of my gal friends and she shared when she took a particular class off campus the teacher insisted all the girls in class must wear a dress.

Puzzled I asked why.

She told me the teacher stated, "When we wear dresses we act more like ladies."

It is correct. You do move in a different way and men call you a lady as well.

As one man put it more apply, "There are vast differences between females and ladies." I have always enjoyed being called a lady and take great pride in it. :-)

(I remembered the word *we* in the remark to represent a group which worked together. There was no drama in this woman's classroom because all the girls acted like ladies and not boys.)