Friday, January 31, 2020

Homemaker's Radio: Preparation is Motivating, Wise Conversation, Do Something Creative

Please note that this video is for the purpose of listening as you go, and it is not necessary to watch it.

 Ladies I enjoy Victorian Trading Company and have ordered things from that catalog in the past.  Lately I've been looking at their lovely florals,  but the prices are beyond my scope, so I have been trying to make something similar using Dollar Tree supplies.  The above arrangement cost slightly over $5.00 for the materials from Dollar Tree:

Blush rose stem (6 roses) - $1.00
Greenery stem - $1.00
Styrofoam base - $1.00
Box container - $1.00 (repainted with craft paint, left from previous projects. also $1.00)
White gypsum accent stem - $1.00

Here is one side of the arrangement, which is behind me in the video, on the mantel:

Bouquet from Victorian Trading Company: $254.00.  Although I could not spend that much for a bouquet, I would certainly like to see this one. It is set in resin, which looks like water.  

Florals are one of my interests (for now) and I enjoy looking online at floral arrangements, or in magazines and books, and also observing the creative containers that are used. I especially like the one at VTC  which is made using a small resin or wood cottage as a vase.


Jenni said...

I listened to this last night while I made homemade pizza and cleaned up. I really liked what you said about not letting people monopolize your time. It's so important that we value what we're doing at home as a ministry, otherwise it's easy to get pulled into helping people who do not need or want our help.

Lydia said...

That was a problem for me because I was a young preacher's wife and thought I was obligated to help people. Most people can learn to do things themselves, and Titus 2 which tells us to teach the younger women, cannot be taken out of proportion to the needs of our own families.

living from glory to glory said...

Hi Lydia, I enjoyed this today, I was making bread and chicken soup. I loved what you said about not talking ill about ourselves as you are so right about others using it against us, such as being old or how slow we are or can't remember something!
We don't need that negative feedback or the effect is causes.
May you have a blessed day!
Hugs, Roxy

Laura Jeanne said...

I laughed when I saw Jenni's comment - I too listened to this talk while I made homemade pizza and cleaned the kitchen! :)

I really liked this talk, especially the advice to continually pray for God's help in our homemaking. I also enjoyed the bits you read from books - being a book person, I find that the parts where you read to us are my favourite. :)

Rachel said...

Hello, Lydia. I was sewing the apron my husband gave me (a Downton Abbey style apron that I love) to adjust it a bit as I listened to you yesterday. I liked when you talked about what I call "domestic contemplation", you know, those absolutely delightful moments when, once your tasks for the day are finished, you just contemplate slowly your home with creative, fresh eyes, and your artistic juices begin to flow, and you can almost see how beautiful some new curtains would be, or a furniture change, or new plants, or a different way to organize your kitchen or wardrobe, or an inspiration for tomorrow's dinner. Those little "walks" around the house relax me and encourage me at the same time.
Thank you for your videos and the beauty and so many useful things flowing from them.

Lydia said...

Rachel, you have made an accurate description of the "domestic contemplation"--that of looking around to see what could be done to make it better. If you think about it long enough, some amazing ideas will come to you, such as shifting things from one location to another, better ways to store things, arrange things, clean things, beautify, etc. This awareness comes when we do a "walk through" instead of a hasty drive-by.

Feminine Belle said...

I agree with your comment above about having awareness of a walk through. If one thinks on it, a walk through should be pleasant, not stressful. I tend to think of a walk through a garden, park or even looking at my plants outside enjoying the sunlight before being taken back inside because of a cold snap looming that evening.

I have been cleaning out the bottom cabinets during this winter season. It is nice to get in and have a good cleaner and *scrub* the insecurities of my mind away and rearrange my teapots and get the ones in back ready for Spring! (yes, I am weird) ;-)

You are correct about moving things around as we did that recently on cups which can go into the microwave for tea (quick warm up) and those for coffee. It is nice to hear praise coming from all sides of the family and I use that as encouragement to do more for them.

Sometimes you only say something in passing and my mind grabs and thinks on it which helps support my day.

tea&crumpets said...

Hello Lydia, I love all your videos. Your voice is very soothing and there is so much wisdom and common sense in your messages. Some of the things I do while listening are: dust, sweep, water my houseplants,fold laundry, crochet, mail and other paperwork, make a batch of muffins, check pantry, fridge, & freezer to make grocery list.

Robin said...

Lydia I so look forward to these videos! Time seems to fly when I listen while I work. I usually am in the kitchen when I listen doing food prep and cleaning. You are such a lovely lady with a lovely voice!

Lydia said...

Hi Lydia really enjoyed your last vlog post, I was able to straighten my bedroom, finish ironing and really just enjoy listening to your voice, you really do bless me you know. Dahlia

Lydia said...

Hello Lydia,

I was happy to listen to your voice again today. I actually try to listen to your videos twice to pick up on anything I may have missed the first time around.

I can concur with your thoughts on Murphy’s Law... I didn’t get dressed and really presentable until late morning one day. Well, you guessed it! That was the day an aerial photographer stopped by to try to sell us an overhead photo of our house and property. Thankfully my daughter was home at the time and kindly told him to come back later when my husband would be available. Looking back on that experience reaffirmed my resolve to take care of my appearance first. I think homemakers have a responsibility to dress in such a way as to bring respect and dignity to their calling as keepers of the home. You are right when you say neglecting our appearance makes it easier to neglect other responsibilities in the home. I’m very appreciative of all your gentle reminders and encouragement.


Marianne said...

hello Lydia,
I do enjoy your videos so much ! They keep me good company , and keep me motivated while I work around the house. I find I am much more productive while listening and the time passes quickly.
I received my copy of Tea With Jane Austen from Thriftbooks in yesterday's mail. love it! the only disappointment is that my copy doesn't include those lovely photos. The illustrations are lovely,however.

Keep up the good work!!!
God Bless you,