Saturday, August 28, 2021

A Serene Day at Home; Reading The Jane Austen Diet

Please enjoy your walking while you listen.


Today I read chapter 5, "Walk Like an Elizabeth"

from the Book 

The Jane Austen Diet

by Bryan Kowslowski 

Make your own home scent: in a small heat- proof container (I used a jelly jar) add a drop of flavoring from your kitchen supplies and a pinch of spice. Fill with hot water and set on a candle warmer to spread a nice aroma.
I used: drop of vanilla, maple
Dash of nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice
Dried orange peel .

Before potpourri, scented candles, melts and essential oils, we simmered fresh orange peel, cloves, vanilla and other combinations in a saucepan. 
A tiny slow cooker or scent pot will also work for this.




Marianne said...

Dear Lydia,
What a wonderful video! And if I may say so, you looked especially lovely today in that outfit and with your hair up. I have enjoyed your reading from The Jane Austen Diet so much while I've gone about my morning chores, and feeling the movement so prized by Jane! I ordered my own copy of the book which arrived in yesterday"s mail.
All your video productions recently have really blessed me, all for different reasons, but all inspiring in their own ways. Thank you for spending time with us. I enjoy your company while I do dishes or make beds and sometimes chop vegetables or sweep .
God bless you!

Laura Jeanne said...

This was a really nice video, Lydia. I really enjoy it when you read to us - you always choose such interesting books. That Jane Austen Diet is a particularly interesting one! And I must say you look gorgeous today. My 10 year old daughter, who watched for a few minutes, also commented that you look so pretty today!

Mrs.O🌺 said...

Oh dear Lydia, I have been away awhile, but I'm catching up on the last few videos.
I'm going to gush for a moment and say..I'm so grateful for your can do attitude!!💗 It is contagious😊

I appreciate you very much and I have to say, you truly know how to LIVE and not just exist!

I have been putting off walking because it's so very hot here in Texas. Good grief, will I ever get used to it?
Well, I've been well advised to ignore the this is what I do!
God bless you and yours💐

Lydia said...

Thank you all for edifying and thoughtful comments— although occasionally over the top with the praise 😊

Michell Hendrick said...

Thank you so much for all the "homeschooling" these past few weeks! I am isolated, my husband is gone for many days at a time and I have slipped into a depression of sorts this summer. Your teachings help me get dressed, walk every morning and try new things. The world is such a crazy place now and I feel off kilter. I have to adjust myself for an attitude of gratitude whenever I step outside. Masks are not mandatory where I live in eastern Colorado and I get to see most smiles in my small town area, but when I have to go to the city, it seems to take me a couple days to recuperate. I enjoy your blog and podcasts and I just wanted to say thank you! One thing I have learned from you is to rest... I have a list of health issues that cause daily pain and extreme fatigue, yet I would feel guilty for not doing more. I believe I am healing little by little by resting more often. And practicing sitting up straight! :-)

Janine said...

I enjoyed all the books you read from, but esp the Jane Austen Diet. I was able to deep clean my bathroom while listening. Thanks! Also really liked your room, dress and hairdo. Very pretty.