Monday, August 16, 2021

Value of Small-Talk in the Home

Please enjoy your home life while you listen to the Homemaker Radio:


You will notice I am sitting in the sea view room of my waterfront property 😊The noise you hear is ocean waves, not farm machinery.

Today I talked about  the use of "small talk" in responding with  those people who are so frightened of the current political situation,  they appear to be hostile, and I use Romans 15:1-7

I also mentioned my opinion and observation that when we don't agree with someone's narrative or try to share the truth, they sometimes react with fury or hostility.  I believe they may be reacting to the fear they have that the things they are hearing might not be true, and they have invested so much of their time listening to it or reading about it. If what they are believing is not true, their whole philosophy of life, which has become their idol,  crashes, and they have to think for themselves. Also, people living in daily fear, fed by media, may not know what to do if that crutch of fear is removed from them.


Janet W. said...

Oh, excellent advice! I have made mistakes before trying to comfort people like that and they seem to be so full of fear that they seem to be angry if you disagree with them.
The old saying,” misery loves company”, comes to mind.
I’m thankful you brought up Romans 15:1-7, because their fear can often be misunderstood and put someone off.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

I found this talk extremely beneficial when asked to give an answer for the hope we have as Christians. The King James Version of the Bible puts it like this: “comfort the feeble minded.” So many minds have been weakened, deceived, and made fearful by the media and those in authority. (Spiritual wickedness in high places ). They are to be pitied and met with compassion. I liked the analogy you used depicting Jonah and the Ninevites to support your position. People truly need the Lord! Thank you for the blessing today.😊

Homemaker's Heart said...

Hi Lydia, I am so grateful for your Radio Station. I get so much more done when I am listening. Could you please share a couple things you like to listen to? I would love to listen to something in between the days of Homemakers Radio. Thank you so much. ~Dee

Laura Jeanne said...

What a wonderful talk this was. And it turned out to be just the exact right length for me to make supper, from beginning to end. I was just mashing the potatoes when the video ended. :)

I really appreciated especially the advice about dealing with fearful people. I have a few of those in my family and it's hard to know what to say to them, but I feel better prepared now. Thank you, dear Lydia, for helping your listeners through a challenging time.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the sweet interview you read at the end. What a nice thing to share with us to lighten the mood. :)

Mountain Housewife said...

Very interesting talk and I cleaned up my kitchen from supper while listening. Thank you for all you do.

Shani said...

Good morning, Mrs. Sherman and ladies,

I thoroughly enjoyed this talk and agree with your assessment of the current ridiculous situation. Fear is a powerful motivator and it can only succeed when one is not reliant on the Lord, first, and self, second. To my way of thinking, this is why the enemy's narrative promoting the denial of the existence of God has been pushed so heavily these last many decades. We have been lied to about almost everything in a bid to deny God's existence for, if the enemy succeeds in that, then we do not see our own special place in His beautiful design and we do not recognise the sacredness of the person made in the image of God. It is truly diabolical.

I began this video in my nightgown and robe in spite of the reminder I knew would be coming because I typically don't get dressed until my husband is out the door the mornings he works away from home, which is about 6:30 a.m. I smiled at your gentle prodding and felt a bit naughty making our stovetop espresso and packing his lunch whilst improperly dressed. ;) After he left, I did pause the video and go upstairs to dress and do my hair, though without as much care as usual as I'm heading into our finished attic space today to begin a major decluttering and I am sure to need a shower later this afternoon. Whilst listening to the rest of your lovely video, I folded a load of towels and put our main dish for dinner in the slow cooker, then cleaned the kitchen. I am now ready to head to the attic and I thank you for your company this morning. I do apologise for my rambling comments; I don't seem to be able to shorten them by much.

I wish you all a lovely, productive day at home,
Shani x

Lydia said...

I encourage you all to write your long opinions here. I don't get much feedback about it and I think whether you are liberal or conservative we all have a common problem with the lying that is going on, whether from friends, relatives, media, business, social things, whatever. But at some point we have to rely on God to protect us and keep us in the truth.

Jenni said...

I really enjoyed this talk! While I listened, I decluttered part of my filing cabinet. It's a big job and one I like to put off, but listening to your radio makes it much more pleasant. :)

I appreciated what you said about dealing with fearful people. Early on in this "war," I tried reasoning with people and you're right, it doesn't work. Now I just try to change the subject and focus on small talk, which always provides a common ground.
Sometimes we just have to be an example of focusing on the good and not giving in to fear--rather than trying to convince people of our point of view.

Janine said...

Listen to her older videos! 🐱

Janine said...

Such great advice! The rantings of this "old lady" are spot on! 😃

Joyful Mama said...

This was very helpful advice and I much needed to hear it today. It will come in handy. Thanks so much.