Friday, August 20, 2021

Home Calm

Please do something calm while you listen to the broadcast today:



Caroline said...

Lady Lydia, just wanted to let you know how encouraging I have found your homemakers radio episodes lately. I was raised in a believing home, and though I am in my mid thirties now, with a young daughter to train, there is much for me to learn about being a Christ-like lady. I am thankful for your encouragement and inspiration and thoughts on living life amongst others. Nowdays I have no close ladies nearby who could be a mentor so you have been a blessing for me.
I was first introduced to your blog in 2005 and have been grateful for your articles. The home is such a precious place and those we love in it deserve our time, care and love. I am thankful for your faithfulness in teaching the younger women. Praying for you to continue the work the Lord has given you. God bless, Caroline

Lydia said...

Thank you Caroline. I plan to talk on some of the things you brought up in your comment.

Brittany said...

Thank you, dear Lady Lydia!
I am so thankful to have discovered that you are making these videos! I used to print out your articles from the Ladies Against Feminism website years ago. I read them over and over. They were very formative for me in those early years of marriage. I am encouraged by this message on calmness in the home! I pray that I can keep growing in this area and set a good example for others! You are a blessing to me!

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Just listening to your voice and today’s talk brought calmness into my home. I am always learning how to cultivate a more hospitable attitude and atmosphere in my house from your wonderful broadcasts. You talked a bit about camping; I remember a difficult camping experience a few years back… tenting during stormy weather, sleeping in the truck because of the cold, raccoons eating our food, and mosquitoes eating me!! Needless to say, I was not a happy camper. 😏I was relieved to get back to civilization and my own bathroom. I am not very good at roughing it in my senior years. Thank you for keeping me company while I took a walk and watered the flower gardens.😊


Dawn E. Brown said...

Thank you Lydia.This was so needed as I crochet a blanket for my grandson who is coming to visit me this next week.It put a warm smile on my face.Bless you as you serve others .Dawn E. Brown

Janine said...

You are so right! What happens in our homes is more important than what happens in the world. We need to turn off the news.

I wondered if anyone else did bed exercises. I do stretching in bed every night and sometimes in the morning, and I do stomach crunches...every year I do my age.