Friday, August 13, 2021

Prepare for the Day at Home

Please enjoy whatever you are doing to improve the home, while you listen to the broadcast:



Chrystal said...

Dear Lydia,
I really like the idea of exchanging anxious or negative thoughts for good ones. Do you have any suggestions, ie. When I see piles and feel overwhelmed?
Definitely a biblical concept, which I would like to make practical for my life. Thank you for your gentle, wise counsel and encouragement!

Janine said...

Lydia, when you read from Beautiful Girlhood it reminded me of a story I just read by Grace Livingston Hill called Found Treasure about a tomboy who just turned 16 and is struggling making the transition from boisterous heedless child to a graceful, lovely young woman who still wants to ride her bicycle and play baseball, as well as beginning to groom herself more appropriately for her age

For Chrystal, when I get overwhelmed I try to look for the blessings in the piles, and then I begin to cull those things that aren't blessings. Laundry is a blessing because of our family is with us. Excess laundry can be culled. Paper piles are a blessing of activities and good ideas. Excess mail can be easily tossed with practice, and you can ask to be removed from lists, etc. When Lydia talked about taking breaks, for me that is reading, as a reward, even if it is reading Sink Reflections from flylady.

SharonR said...

Yesterday while listening, I mostly made okra, tomato and onion dish for supper and put a gallon bag of those in the freezer. Today, I made out lists while I listened right near the end. You read your list for the day, too, while I worked on that. Have a wonderful day.