Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Natural Health at Home

 Please enjoy your home, anxiety free, while you listen to Homemaking Radio today:


Mrs. Sherman's Practical Tips:

Investigate natural health for yourself. Here are a few subjects to learn about, in the effect they have on your well-being:

Awaken with thankfulness.
Effective breathing
Natural fibres in clothing, bedding, furnishings and other things in the home
Pure, natural food and water as close to nature as possible
Eating and drinking slowly
Substitute prayer for every anxious thought.
Intermittent rest
Good cleanliness habits
Good Humor
Activities that have meaning to you
Courtesy to those in the home.

Some I did not include in the talk: clean, fresh air, exercise, natural light


Laura Jeanne said...

Lydia, your talks have been so good lately! I've gotten much good out of them. I listened to this one while I cleaned the kitchen, and prepared some swiss chard leaves for the deydrator. You know how you can buy canisters of greens powder at the health food store? People add it to smoothies and such. That stuff is really expensive. I like to make my own greens powder. Right now I am dehydrating what I have in my yard - swiss chard, nettles, and lambs quarters. Then I grind it up into a powder, which I can add to all kinds of foods such as soups, pasta sauce, etc. The children will be forced to eat greens without knowing. And it's a good way to preserve everything that is growing out there right now. I can only fit so much into the freezer.

SharonR said...

If I remember correctly, the crowd in Acts 6,7 and the crowd in Acts 2 had pretty much the same message. Both were, "cut to the heart," (probably KJVersion). The Acts 2 group repented while the Acts 6,7 group stoned the preacher. I hope I'd be in the Acts 2 group.
Excellent video again. I listened over two days of working in the laundry room. Thank you!

SharonR said...

That's great Laura Jeanne!!

Janine said...

When I saw your topic I immediately thought of Stormie Omartian's book Greater Health God's Way. It seems very basic, but if you are missing a step it wreaks havoc. I read it 25 years ago when I was still working in an office and realized that what my body was craving was sunlight. I had an ocean view, but I wasn't getting IN the sun and that book helped me be more conscious of all you've mentioned here.

A few years ago I made sure we were only wearing cotton to bed, without flame retardants, and I slowly replaced all of our sheets with organic cotton and put real wool comforters under our fitted sheets and it made a world of difference in our sleep. I also stopped using scented detergent and dryer sheets. I missed the smell for awhile, but now I can't stand it even in the grocery aisle.