Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Little Things to Do for Relaxing At Home

Please enjoy your home today while you listen to
a variety of subjects today:



Today I suggested a few small activities to brighten your mood.


Mommy said...

Hi Lydia,
Can I post a question here for you without it being seen by your followers?

Lydia said...

No, you have to email me

Lydia said...

I appreciate every single visit you have made with us through homemaker’s radio. Today I plan to take your advice and go outside and have my senses awakened anew with all the beautiful sights and sounds of nature God has richly given us to enjoy. I will stop by the garden and pick some lovely dill weed and flowers to make a bouquet. The aroma of dill is a scent that is truly appealing to the sense of smell.😊Whatever my hand finds to do, I endeavor to do it heartily ( with all my might) as unto the Lord. Thank you for these gentle reminders today.

Lydia said...

I appreciate you always leaving a comment, Holly.

Unknown said...

Dear Lady Lydia

I am only halfway this video (saving the other half for tomorrow) but you made me smile while doing my dishes: the story about your lost keys, wanting to buy a metal detector and the rabbits maybe using them to open something... :)
There is really something in your lessons for everyone and every occasion!

My compliments also on your reading aloud: it is a real blessing for the ears and imagination; not many people have the talent to read in a beautifull and calm way. Thank you for that!


Laura Jeanne said...

Dear Lydia, your off-handed comment about rabbits needing your keys to unlock something made me laugh out loud!

After finishing this video I made lunch for myself and the children, and then since I felt quite tired I decided to go lay in the hammock outside and follow your idea of listening for interesting sounds. It was a beautiful afternoon, and as I lay there relaxing I could hear birds chirping, the wind in the trees, a small aircraft overhead, a car going down the road, the rattle of our old air conditioning unit, a cricket chirping, and also, I heard a cicada buzzing for the very first time this summer. I enjoyed the exercise and found it highly relaxing. Thank you for the idea. :)