Thursday, September 15, 2005

Letters, Letters!

"White Radiant Roses" (a painting) by Brian Davis, available to purchase at Can you imagine an artist getting enthused about painting a rose (whether fat or thin) that has no form or beauty, or that is uncared for and turned brown?

Re: this comment: My husband was commenting on the looks of the elderly women in a farmer's market we visited today. They seemed to have no idea what their rear ends looked like with their pull-up pants and big shorts that looked like giant diapers.

You hit the nail on the head, Lydia. I have been wondering how to describe this ugly, ugly “style” and this is it. Combine this diaper-look with the nearly shaved hair of many older women and your word “creepy” is perfect. I cannot fathom why anyone would want to present themselves this way, even in the privacy of their own home, let alone in public. I’m sure you have been watching scenes from Katrina victims. I kept hoping I would see some lady fleeing the hurricane in clothes which looked presentable. Instead, the images I was presented were almost uniformly an ugly tee-shirt combined with these big shorts. Can you imagine having only those clothes on your back and nothing else? When will the women of our country wake up? No wonder marriages are falling apart.


Comment: What does the phrase "die with dignity" mean to us? We have let the modernists liberal define this for us, making it completely contrary to real dignity. I've heard people say "I wouldn't be caught dead in that outfit." As a people, we used to be concerned with the impression and the influence we left others at our passing. I'm not suggesting we get all dressed up for a hurricane, but if those clothes which provide dignity and coverings are the only thing in our closets and the only thing available to us, we won't be caught in a storm with the big shorts, saggy tee shirts and flip-flops. Tragedies always bring scenes of ripped and dirty clothing, but I think it is very telling about our morals and values when we allow our women to trapse about in nothing but garments that would have been underwear a hundred years ago. What a sight we are presenting to the overseas telly-viewers. I'm so embarrassed that these scenes are perceived by Europeans who look up to our country and admire us, as representative of us!

People will buy what is available to them on the rack at the stores. Pray the manufacturers will quit putting this stuff on the racks, and that the stores will refuse to stock this junk. I stepped into a shop the other day that would have none of it. It was called "Maggie Rhoads" in Eugene, Oregon, and supplied April Cornell brand clothing, among other beautiful things.

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