Monday, September 12, 2005

Readers Write

DearLydia,Thank you so much for the articles that you have posted over the last several days. I have enjoyed reading them and thinking about how I can apply the things you talk about in my own life. Some of the business ideas you have are neat.

I hope someone takes up a few of those - especially designing feminine, comfortable clothing!Thank you also for introducing me to the Susan Rios paintings! I *love* them!Please keep up the good work.

Your blog and articles on LAF have been among the few places where I have learned to value beauty in every day life, to approach life with a positive attitude (still working on that!), and to love home.Sincerely,Helen

And, as the path of duty is made plain,
May grace be given that I may walk therein;
Not like the hireling, for his selfish gain,
With backward glances and reluctant tread,
Making a merit of his coward dread--
But, cheerful, in the light around me thrown,
Walking as one to pleasant service led;
Doing God's will as if it were my own,
Yet trusting not in mine,
But in his strength alone!
~John Greenleaf Whittier

Comment: Helen, Susan Rios art shows a serious, yet sweet devotion to the home, in my opinion. I think we would all be blessed by purchasing them and hanging them to remind us of the gift of home and family. Young people ought to remove the posters from their walls and replace them with real art like this.These can be ordered from Pierside Gallery and other places on the web, inluding This one is called "Garden Window." It shows a sentimental and somewhat light-hearted love of God's daily blessings.

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