Monday, September 12, 2005

Reader's Respond

Dear Lydia,
Thankyou for the time you spend to encourage other women. Your posts and articles in LAF have encouraged me and God has used them to give me a better vision of my mission at home. I would sincerly have liked to have a built in role model to demonstrate the activities and more importantly the heart attitudes of a keeper at home. I have not found a kindred spirit "in the flesh" to share and discuss with. My husband is understanding but his perspective is different:-)

The one comment that I do wonder about is "most young women choosing to stay home." I wish this were the case in my city but most young women are out pursuing their "dreams" or just getting by. Even in the churches where I live, there is no move to teach young girls to be at home. If this is the case where you live, then praise God, but this is one area where I have yet to see fruit. Here in Alberta, Canada, feminism is marching steadily along with few opponents.

Once again, thankyou for the time you spend. It is wonderful to log on and get rid of that Elijah feeling of being the only one. There are times when I wonder if the fight is worth it, and surely it wouldn't matter if I conformed to the pattern of this world in my dress, and activities around home. But my little girls need a mommy who is strong, or preferably, made strong by God. Besides, it's wonderful to hear my 4 year old comment "oh Mommy you look so pretty" when I've donned a cheerful dress. Ahhh, the babes don't lie.

V. J.

Comment: As people begin to see the loss of family life, in exchange for the pursuit of personal success and material goals, I think more women are making the commitment to be at home most of the time. That doesn't mean that they don't have occasional non-corporate jobs to make a little extra money, but that their main goal is the care of the family and the home. What is really sad, is to see that now-elderly generation of women, who are retired. They now have more leisure time, after years of working, but they have no co-hesive family to enjoy it with. Their children were put in the care of others while they worked, and now, as Cynthia said in "Wives and Daughters," 'If Mama had wanted me to love her, she shouldn't have sent me way to school at four years old!"

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