Friday, September 09, 2005

Visible Success Part 4

I read about a woman who lived alone back in the early 1900's. Her relatives never thought she had done anything remarkable with her life, but after she passed away, they discovered in her house, stashed in the spaces between the walls, hundreds of beautiful oil paintings. They did not know that she was an artist. She painted for her own pleasure, and apparently did not want anyone to know about it. I thought this was remarkable, since some of our lack of motivation to do beautiful things in life, is due to the fact that we think we have to have approval, encouragement, and guaranteed success. We are so conditioned to having others agree or approve of our lives, that we often fail to do anything at all.

This is another painting by Susan Rios, called "Spring Tea" which you can purchase as a print at I like her attention to detail in the rooms in which people really live. I think if young girls gazed upon paintings like this, they would grow up holding the home in high esteem, and want to be keepers of, guardians of, and guides of the home.

Color and light are so important if you are spending most of the day at home. Dark, dreary rooms can really cause depression. You should have at least one room in the house you can sit in that has the right colors for you. You can tell what colors , objects, and styles help improve your mood, by the way you feel when around them. If they make you smile and if they make your heart sing, you know they are for you. The same can be said of other personal things like clothing, table settings, views, music and so forth.

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