Friday, September 09, 2005

Visible Success (Part 1)

The painting here is from the site which sells Susan Rios paintings. The story that goes with it suggests that the house is ready for guests that will be arriving soon. While she is waiting, she gives the entry to the home a last minute touch. Visit for more of these wonderful paintings of homelife, which can be purchased online.

Most people live with lifetime plans and dreams always lurking in their heads. To some, it becomes pure frustration and torture when, year after year, their hopes and plans meet with failure. Sometimes, not only do our life purposes and desires fail to be fulfilled, but while we are hard at work to realize those dreams, other areas in our lives seem to deteriorate or get bleaker.

A person can experience some instant fulfillment of something in their life, through the often overlooked avenue of the dwelling place.

Most people have a place to live, and even those who do not own their own homes, have a place they call home, in which they are free to behave and live as they please. Our problem is, that sometimes we think that fulfillment and accomplishment has to happen somewhere else. We come home only when we don't have something "better" to do. What a pity, it is not the opposite--that home is the place we can think better, work better, and be nicer people.

This wonderful place, be it humble or grand, can be the source of great success right now. It is a place where you can be your own boss. It is a place where you can store your stuff. It is a place where you can think and dream and create without dictation.

The house is the easiest thing to re-create. You can always

Clean up the clutter,

Wash things, dust things, wipe the picture frames, and make things sparkle,

rearrange something,

set the table with the best you have, (whether a meal is being served or not)

bake something, and

invite someone over to eat it.

Goals like losing weight, rennovating, living in the house in the country you dream of, building a career out of your hobbies, or becoming a mentor can take loads of work, waiting time, patience, and persistance, but there are a lot of things that take place in the home, which can give you instant waiting.

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