Thursday, September 15, 2005

Donna Dewberry

I've been posting some art here for the purpose of emphasizing how much loveliness is needed at home--especially at home. During a serious bout of illness, I was able to watch a public broadcasting station, and saw a great many art shows, cooking shows, craft shows and other interesting documentaries. Donna Dewberry's art became of interest to me because of her technique and also because of her life. She raised 7 children and has, I think 4 grandchildren! She said that after her children were in bed at night she would paint. She developed the "one-stroke" painting, which saved a lot of time shading and shaping. By loading a flat brush with a different color on each side, and sweeping it in a curve, she could make rose petals, bird wings, leaves, and many different things. She made the remark during her demonstration that she was always looking around her house for a surface to paint on--be it a glass jar, a piece of furniture, or a wall.

You can get instructional videos along with an art kit, in just about any craft store, including the craft section at Wal Mart. Her art has a very happy feeling. It has been featured in many of the art magazines that you can buy monthly at the magazine section of stores. You don't have to buy expensive canvas to paint on. You can use rocks, frames, old tea kettles, pans and dishes, lamps, and just about anything. I've found old wood, driftwood, and pieces of lumber that make great canvases.

You can read more about her here

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