Thursday, September 15, 2005

Love Comes Softly

Among the "New Releases" selections at the video rental store, is a Janette Oake film called "Love Comes Softly." There was also a follow-up film, or "Part 2" which I did not rent. If you want to get away from the sour-looking women's fashions of the day, lie back and enjoy this film.If you don't want to rent it, you can purchase it in various places on the web, and here

To read about the quality of this film and the standards that it held to, go here: Winner of a Camie Award

Some might say it is a bit too sad (or sappy) (which I personally could have done without, but I'm often overly-practical and probably needed to shed a few pent-up tears!)but it is nice and clean and portrays a sincere man who actually prays and believes God will answer his prayers. Now, to those of you who think his sitting out on a rock in the wilderness overlooking a view and talking to God is a bit of a stretch, I'm glad I'm old enough to remember old men doing that! Yes! Some of them who took God seriously (mind you, there were some bad guys in the mix, in those days, too) used to hide out somewhere when things got tough, and cry out to God about their troubles). There is tragedy involved, but I think we have forgotten that the Pioneers endured a lot of troubles and sorrow and had to make the best of things. (In those days they couldn't sue anyone for wrongful loss ;-)

But, back to the clothing. Although it wasn't glamorous, (being in the untamed west of the late 1800's) it was feminine and it gave the women dignity. The cotton calico clothes looked like they could easily pass for style today. If anyone likes to sew, and wants a career, the costume business seems to be booming, as many these clothes are used in the movies of this type. Even at her poorest, in a rainstorm, sitting a muck of mud, with wet hair and tears streaking her face, the lady of the story is dignified, and the clothing , though shabby, makes the difference . If you want to see some photographs from the film, go here for a page of various shots.

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