Friday, September 23, 2005

Purple Grape Juice

Purple grape juice is a staple in our family. We love its cleansing benefits early in the morning, as well as the fact that it gives energy in a natural way. Unlike sugar-laden drinks , it doesn't "let you down" after the initial burst of energy. It is better than wine, for a healthy heart. Like cranberry juice, it helps prevent UTI's. In my opinion, this beverage works best for detoxifying, preventing constipation, and cleansing when taken upon rising, then waiting half an hour or an hour before eating anything else.

Make sure it is pure grape juice and not a grape flavored "grape drink" or cocktail, and buy it with no sugar added. This is a great weight-control food. Just don't eat sweets and sugars throughout the day, or pile on a lot of other carbs. Starting the day with grape juice has been a great health insurance program for our family. We haven't had severe or chronic health problems in many years, since we began taking this each day. It helps keep blood pressure normal and has many, many other benefits. A web search brings up a host of other things this wonderful Biblical fruit prevents or produces in the human body.

We have also found that a tall glass of this with ice in it is a great energy-giving drink throughout the day, when you need to have some steady stamina, to prevent your strength from lagging.

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