Friday, September 09, 2005

Visible Success Part 3

"The Sitting Room" by Susan Rios from Pierside Gallery online, is a great painting which in my opinion depicts the love of the home. Women who love their families and their homes, pay attention to details, such as the way a vase is placed on table, the choice of comfy cushions for one's back, and the co-ordinating colors.

There are many routine things that never seem to be completed, or long-term goals that seem impossible to attain, and that can be very discouraging. One habit that is good to have, is to give yourself little "success perks" throughout the day, so that, even if the major jobs are not finished, you've enjoyed small successes that will keep you from feeling defeated.

At the arrival of each paycheck of the family income, I would strongly suggest putting aside an amount for hothouse flowers for the month. I've heard of clubs you can belong to, whereby you pay so much a year to have the bouquet of the month delivered to the home. Such a living treat can bring great joy to the homemaker. If you don't like flowers, use the money for some other weekly enjoyment. Don't live in depression. Give yourself a present every day.

With so many women staying home these days, one of the most needed services, in my opinion, is interior decorating and organizing. There are now "organizers" that you can hire, to come and help you function in your home more efficiently. It would be nice if there were also people who would come once a month and help arrange and decorate or improve one area of your house, be it a pantry, the refrigerator, the desk, one wall, the coffee table, or anything else.

There are book clubs that base their success on their many free offers. If you join, you get 3 free art and craft books, provided you agree to buy 2 more, throughout the year, or something like that. Wouldn't it be great if someone would invent a nation-wide business of interior-decorating, with the same scheme: you get 2 or three free perks, provided you agree to pay for 3 more decorating, cleaning, or organizing jobs throughout the year, at an affordable price. It seems that the only people who can have re-decorating or decorating done for their homes, are the very rich. While keeping the prices within reason for the average homemaker, this could possibly be a profitable business for an enterprising person.

In England, there is a company that people can subscribe to, which sends out little gifts and helpful things to the homemaker, each week. I think this is a wonderful idea, but there is nothing wrong with rewarding oneself with something to enhance the home.

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