Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Everyone has something that can be used as a centerpiece. Here are some ideas that do not require fresh flowers.

I can't remember where I got this but I like it because it is similar to the 19th century painting called "The Shell."

The tea tray is a always a perfect centerpiece because there is an endless selection of teapot styles. Add a fake cake that you make yourself from silk florals.
Then, there is always the glass reamer or juice squeezer. Here, it is with those pine cones that look like roses.

And here it has a selection of pastel treats in it.

This is a floral garland wrapped several times around a wax pillar.

An ordinary votive will always do for a centerpiece.

A place of shells and rocks in sand. You don't even have to go to the beach to get them. Sometimes you can find them at the dollar store.

There are some beautiful fake cakes available online which make great centerpieces.

Fruit centerpieces go way, way back to the earliest of times. Paintings of them can be found on the walls of ancient cities. Baskets or bowls of fruit were always considered a great luxury.

These are just a few things you can do without a great knowledge of centerpieces. Just arrange them, and step back to have a look. Rearrange and look again, until you get it the way you want it. Use your own colors and styles


Anonymous said...

I loved your ideas so much! Here is what I did yesterday!


Thank you for your wisdom!

~ Mrs. Damian Garcia ~

candy said...

Good evening :)
These are lovely ideas! I especially LOVE the cake...how pretty is that!!!! :) I also love the pears in the basket...something we all have (fruit) and can do and will ensure it gets eaten because it looks even tastier in that basket doesnt it!!!! :) I think so :)
Love the candles, love the mini marshmellow ideas too!
These are all great ideas!

Candy :)

Lauren said...

Oh, I love the idea of using the tea tray! I have several decorative teapots that were given to me as gifts, I do believe I'm going to find new ways to use them!

Kate said...

Love the ideas! My dining room table is so small and multi-functional (though I keep it cleared when not in use) that centerpieces just won't work. Still, I love joyful little spots around the house.

JKaye said...

How sweet and clever these are! And not expensive. Thank you.

Elaine said...

What lovely centerpieces. It is amazing what a little ingenuity and a few pieces will do. I like the fact that they are simple and inexpensive yet still supplies just the right feeling of welcome.

I myself use as few pieces as possible but never opt out of using centerpieces. Sometimes a mirrored tray, glass beads and a candle is all I need for an elegant look and other times a watering can filled with hydrangeas is great for a more homey relaxed feel.

Thank you for pointing out the importance of those special little touches that the home needs which I believe comforts our well being as well.

Anonymous said...

I admire your creativity!
The little boy and girl with the shell is precious!

The shells in the sand says summertime!

Great Ideas!☺

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! The only problem that I have is that every time I try to have a centerpiece, my youngest runs off with it. I do not know why. Maybe when he is beyond his weirdness phase, I can have a pretty table.

~~Deby said...

Wonderful ideas..I have also used a bowl with coffee beans and then a candle in the middle of them

Katrinka said...

How sweet and pretty these all are! I am so amazed! I especially think the mints in the juice squeezer are great.

Anonymous said...

All such great ideas. I love the coffee bean centerpiece idea.

I have a beautiful dining room set and I have a tablecloth on it, but I am loathe to put a centerpiece on it with the kids around and it looks so bare. I'll have to think of something childproof.

~ Ann

Anonymous said...

Now there's the sort of centerpieces that would work in our house - flowers don't, because our cats go nuts over them and want to eat them LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

I always love it when you do your decorating.It helps so much to inspire me,and you have such a wonderful flair for it.My favorite posts are ones where you share your pretty home with us, and show us how to do things like set a pretty tea table,etc.Bless you for your efforts and taking the time to do it, little things really do mean a lot.

Deborah Swinson said...

Lovely ideas Lydia! I have used my tea tray and teapots for centerpieces a lot too. Sometimes I take the lid off and put flowers in the teapot.

I also wanted to tell you thank you for having such a lovely blog. When ever I am in need of inspiration or encouragement, I stop by for a visit. Everything is always calming, soothing and inspirational on your blog. May the Lord bless you for your ministry to us keepers at home. : )

A bit of advice for the ladies with small children who think they can't have a centerpiece.

My mother who had 4 little ones, would train each child that her pretties on the tables were no no's. She would set a heavy non valuable object on the coffee table in reach of the little ones. Then she would watch, and the minute one of them started to reach for it she gave them a tap on the hand and said no no. She did this until that child was trained. My mother always said, you shouldn't have to put everything away, children should be trained to leave things be. Of course that didn't mean poisons or medications or things that could harm them.

Bless you all in your efforts to make a pretty home.

Mrs. K's Lemonade Stand said...

Really pretty! I love adding touches when I decorate and I think when you have a centerpiece, you are less likely to let papers and such gather on the table or desk, etc.
Very nice ideas. :)

Sharon said...

Dear Lydia,
I liked how you used the juicer in such a creative way. Wouldn't it be pretty with little tiny bunches of flowers gathered around the green center?

Jan Hatchett said...

Thanks for sharing these centerpiece ideas. They are lovely. I especially enjoyed the dainty doily with the soft, pink edge. I am learning to crochet and am starting to really appreciate the effort and skill that goes into such a lovely item.

my blog: www.anotherhatchettjob.blogspot.com

Lydia said...


I have used the juice in many different ways and often use it for tea party centerpieces with water in it for flowers. The English daisy looks great in it and I will post a picture of it.