Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Ordinary Day

Art by Betsy Brown

Since there are some who find the idea of homemaking full time rather unusual, I thought it would be fun to connect with other homemakers and see what they are doing today. This will give a glimpse into the life of the homemaker on an ordinary day. Of course we all know that no day is really ordinary when you are caring for the home and the family.

For myself, I am going to teach the Ladies Bible Class in the morning. I sometimes get asked what book we are studying. We are studying the book of Matthew. After that, Cindy, a long time friend, is coming over with some left over wallpaper and paint and a notebook. She is an interior decorator and has done a fabulous job on her own home. She is going to put a plan in a notebook, with sample swatches and colors, for me to follow, to help hoist the old place up.

After that I know I will get a visit from that special family next door and maybe from those irritating cousins, the Bumphries. If you know who the Bumphries really are (see ) please do me a favor and keep pretending they are our hick cousins from the hills.

Eventually today I hope to do some sewing. Yesterday I sewed a marvellous dress from some cotton that I had saved and I was not paying attention to the pattern size. I had not noticed that my daughter had cut her size from it after I had used it. I forgot to add the extra on each piece to make it fit me. As a result, she got a new dress but I am happy to give it to her since she needed it. She is always making me something or other: costumes, blouses, skirts, etc. so we can have matching outfits. I think we are even.

I have already made scones this morning and the house smells great.

I would so value and appreciate knowing what others are doing today, with links to pictures if you have any. I was just here enjoying the little fabric confections this lady makes. I think one reason I like crafts like this is that the small ones are not a huge project and not tiring. I love to sew dresses best of all, but it is very hard labor sometimes. Sewing these little desserts is a lot of fun. I don't know if they are for sale.


Anonymous said...

I made a shirt for my 12 year old this morning. The pieces were cut out yesterday. I am now going to sew my younger daughter a dress and if that goes smoothly, I'll make a skirt for myself. I spent yesterday cutting things out so I can sew sew sew!

Have a lovely day!
Mrs. Stewart

Anna said...

Fun! This morning I helped out my husband with a still photo shoot for a film project, then cleaned my daughters' rooms and bathroom with them. Supervising schoolwork now, then this afternoon I'll finish sewing a dress, go for a walk, and fix chicken with bacon and mushrooms for dinner. Oh, and I've got my toddler daughter in my lap and we're listening to songs from Pirates of Penzance, and she's wearing her "Mabel" outfit and singing along with the operetta soundtrack.

Anonymous said...

Today is bed changing day around here. I'm on the third load, & will hang them on the line...I love the smell the sheets get drying outside. My son's bed was due for a mattress pad washing as well, so that will be treated to outdoor drying along with the sheets.

Yesterday I started on the perennial flower beds at the back of my house, but did not finish, so that is something else I want to tackle.

I will prepare a casserole for supper, & tonight we will be attending my daughter's piano recital.

All in all, a pretty full day. Thanks for inviting us to share, Mrs. Sherman!!


Anonymous said...

Since I am "under the weather" (fighting a cold, which I have not had one in ages!) my day is not the usual, but I do the basics and then I will take it easy. Another blessing of being can rest as needed. I didn't have to call in and "get permission" to do so! I did fix a simple breakfast and sent the workers on their way. Then showered, took care of some mail, ran one washload of necessary items, took out the trash, and then fixed myself a light lunch. This afternoon will be my "resting" time. I'm drinking some hot tea, which is a great way to fight a cold!! Or's great any time!! I'll look at a few blogs and then I will probably cross stitch, which is a very relaxing pastime for me. My small stitcheries usually turn into greeting cards that are embellished with stampings, as well. My next "work" for the day will be to fix dinner. Then clean up the kitchen and dishes. By taking it easy today, I will probably be able to catch up on the cleaning, etc. tomorrow. I hope everyone has a blessed day! Marie

Rachel said...

This morning, I went to a nearby family's house to teach their three children piano lessons. I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some things for my mother, came home to help her finish up lunch, and then we all ate together. My brother and father went back to work, while I worked on some paperwork for my father.

I am now getting ready to go teach two more piano students, and then I am going to finish painting in the hallway. The remodeling sometimes goes slow, but it is a lot of fun!

Rachel said...

This morning, I went to a nearby family's house to teach their three children piano lessons. I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some things for my mother, came home to help her finish up lunch, and then we all ate together. My brother and father went back to work, while I worked on some paperwork for my father.

I am now getting ready to go teach two more piano students, and then I am going to finish painting in the hallway. The remodeling sometimes goes slow, but it is a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Hello! You've caught me on my domestic heavy work day! I've gone to the grocery store, put everything away, run six loads of laundry, folded, and put them away, cleaned two bathrooms, dusted upstairs, made and cleaned up after lunch. Next, I'll be scrubbing the kitchen, dusting downstairs, vacuuming, and supervising homework. It's a busy day! I love the idea to take a few pictures....perhaps I'll let my camera come along next week!

Anonymous said...

I have been puzzled for some time about the Bumphries family. Is that a joke or a satire on a real family? I enjoy your homekeeping postings very much. Peggyin Virginia

Kimberline said...

My day today is off kilter from the norm, but still busy. I have two loads of laundry drying that need to be folded, then two loads in washers to go into dryers (I am blessed with a laundry area on each floor) I will have to fold and put those away when I get home later.

I helped 5 children with their homeschooling this morning, gave final exams in math for the 3 older students and then coached a younger child in how to read different types of guages. I've graded this weeks homework and tallied the years test scores for math.

The kitchen has been cleaned up from breakfast, and we are cooking lunch now. Once the food was started, I took care of some real estate business and made a schedule for having a rehab property made ready to sell.

I spent time prior to putting on lunch with my oldest daughter, discussing her upcoming wedding ceremony. We discovered I don't have the right sized cake pans for the wedding cake so I added things I need to my shopping list.

I found out what is causing a leaking toilet, then when it couldn't be repaired, I shut off the water and made a list of the things needed to do the repairs and asked my husband to pick the things up when he is out this early evening. While I was working around the toilet I decided to clean the floor around it really well and sort magazines that were stacked on top of it ;)

After I finish putting this post in and get our lunch on the table, I will assign chores to the kiddos for the late afternoon, then I will be driving a couple of towns over to spend the afternoon with my oldest son. We have scheduled Thursday afternoons as a time for me to help him catch up his laundry while we spend some pleasant time chatting. We discuss the articles that I am writing and he helps me to put the content onto a website. Then we discuss his web design projects and he shows me his current art projects or plays the guitar for me.

I will stop by the grocery on my way home to pick up fresh salad things to round out our dinner. I will have my older teens pop a roast in while I am still gone. It is ready to go into the oven and will only need me to add the potatoes and carrots when I get home. The breadmaker will be filled and set to start when I am due home in order for the bread to be done on time for our evening meal.

Later this evening I will draw out plans for a deck we are building and then will make a list the supplies to be purchased.

Before I go to bed I have to load the van with toys and clothing that I am donating to a friend's "helping hands" store. Everything has to be ready to go tonight so I can make an early start tomorrow.

I have to wash my little girl's hair and comb it out before their bedtime.

I'll probably pause for a bit this evening to make a couple of phone calls to encourage a couple of friends who are having a difficult time right now.

That's the highlights of my day. A timer is calling me to finish our lunch up.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else's day was like :)

Anonymous said...

My original plans went awry as the Lord directed my steps to remain home today to care for DS who began vomiting around 1:00 this morning from virus/flu, so he's home from school. DH is home today too (working) whereas he's usually here only one day during the work-week, now it will be two. With DS's illness and being up half the night, I stayed in bed, and in my PJs extra long, then got up and fixed breakfast, prowled around my favorite places on the 'net, watched some HGTV, then showered. So not much yet productive for the day, but plan to work on some laundry primarily, then perhaps some quilt-related at-home activity.
Mrs. W.

Mom of Five said...

I am on day three of painting my kitchen. It's not that large a kitchen, but it had lots of windows and doors to paint around, plus I have to wait until before the children get up, or while they're napping, or in bed to paint. Five sets of hands to watch out for means no painting when they're awake!

Anonymous said...

My day involved shopping for sale items at several local grocery stores as well as browsing the thrift store for much needed clothing for our children.

I portioned the bulk quantities of meat I purchased (at incredible prices!) and began preparing dinner.

I've researched and penned an article on the low incidence of autism in the Amish community, paid a few bills and reconcilled our bank statement.

I encouraged a friend, visited with my mother on the telephone and hung a couple loads of laundry on the clothesline outside.

It has been a beautiful, productive, peaceful day and I just praise God for His provision.

There is no place like home. I feel like a queen!

Aelwyn said...

Let's see.. I was up from 4:00 a.m. - 5:30 with our 2 year old who is still having lots of trouble putting herself back to sleep. We got up early and took Dad to work (only one vehicle in this family.) Then, we stopped at a bakery, grocery store, and the library. We have now come home for nap. I am off to take a short one also. Then, it is laundry day, working in the garden (we live in AK and are just starting out with planting), and making fajitas for supper. Then, it will be helping my husband finish up his grading for the end of the year report cards.

Susan said...

My ordinary day consists of cooking at least two good meals for my family. I have my chicken cooking in the crock pot for today's dinner. Today is my grocery day, so I made my weekly menu and then filled in my grocery list - this took a little longer today because I'm hosting a ladies' breakfast in my home Saturday morning, so I wanted the menu to be a little more detailed - and later this afternoon my daughter and I will do our grocery shopping. I've mopped my hard floors today, shaking out throw rugs as I went. There are a load of bed sheets in the dryer to fold, and a load of whites in the washer to dry and fold. I've also monitored my blood sugar (diabetes) and adjusted my food and activity to try to keep that in control - a constant job, for sure!

Later today, I'll study for my Sunday school class and for the devotion I'll give at the ladies' breakfast on Saturday. I need to make memory verse visuals for my class and plan the activity we'll do in class to reinforce the lesson. I'll also make the plans for seating and decorating for the breakfast on Saturday, and maybe begin gathering my serving dishes and table cloths for that.

Tonight is our church's mid-week Bible study, lead by my pastor/husband in our home. The house is basically ready for guests, so just a quick sweep and swipe here and there just before they arrive. Then I'll give my attention to our church family for an hour or so as we study the Bible together, share prayer requests, and pray together. Before they come, I'll try to fit in a little time to sew - I'm working on some sock dolls.

If I didn't have Bible study and grocery shopping today, I'd also be going to the gym. Due to diabetes, I have to exercise every day, regardless of the weather, and my husband has taken care of me by making sure I have a place to exercise! That takes a couple of hours out of my day, too, but I just don't have those two hours today.

I love seeing how other ladies are spending their days. To the world, we might be piddling around with mindless tasks (although I disagree that any of it is mindless because it takes me lots of thought and planning to keep my home running!), but to our husbands and children, we are VIP's that they don't want to live without! Priceless.

Katrinka said...

Today I tried out cookie recipes and talked to a very old friend (83) on the phone and made plans for getting together for lunch. I just recently joined the prayer chain at church, as I am always available by phone, and had several prayer requests to pray for this morning. It is humbling for me to do this, as I am not as good at praying for others as I should be, and it brings the responsibility front and center for me. I am trying to figure out how to sew patches on the knees of my husband's jeans (by hand) like my mother used to do. Her patches were so pretty and held so strong. I would like to cut the grass, but I think it's raining again. And I want to plant the dwarf lilac and clematis that I rcvd for Mother's Day. I finished watching the ending of the movie 'The Last Sin Eater' . . . I fell asleep before it ended when the family was watching it last night! I'll finish up the payroll for my husband's business and then start supper. Probably broiled pork steak and noodles and a green veggie.

troubling stars said...

Hmmm here's today - no two days are quite alike for me though! Today I ran my lil rascal over to my parents house to see my brother who got home last night from college and then took my lil one over to a nearby family's house who we babysit for a couple of times a week to help contribute a bit financially. We came home and I dropped my sleeping toddler in his crib and checked my email - then after feeling guilty due to a fly lady email about procrastination I jumped up and started cleaning. 5 minutes in, our downstairs neighbor who I am trying to learn to love, stopped by as she so often does and I invited her in, (but kept cleaning! I know it was rude but I only have so much time for those things and she sometimes stays forever!) While I scrubbed the floor I listened to her lament about how her exboyfriend the bouncer and father of her children was trying to get back with her, and about how the govt has cut back her food stamps to less than $300 a month now (my grumpy heart said - I make it on $160 a month of my own money without any major sacrifices) and then she left. Now I am giving myself a quick break while my son finishes his nap and then it will be back to cleaning my home, making dinner, and adjusting my attitude and praying for God to change my heart so I can love with His heart. I realize more and more every day how far i need to go in that area. My day will wrap up by meeting my husband at his train, going for a quick run to help relax him after a long day's work, eating, having a church friend over to help plan our summer Wendell Berry small group, and then putting my son down while my husband goes for a pipe smoking walk (quite rare) with a lonely friend just graduated with his MA in Theology. It will all wrap up by climbing into bed before 9 and talking for a bit before conking out, ready to start over again at 5 am the next day. (WOAH probably way more details than you wanted - sorry!)

Anonymous said...

This is such a fun idea!

Well, my "routine" is a bit upset today as we are preparing for a move across the state. My husband has been working there for four months and we only see him once a month which is not fun :( so it is up to "the clan" to pack it all up and clean as we go!

We have eight children with six still at home. Our oldest (23) is visiting her grandmother in New Mexico and then cooking at a camp there and she calls home once a day (at least) so the phone call is my little break from hard labor. Oldest son is a University student living on his own but close by (at least until we move) and he calls every now and then to chat as well.

Today I took three children (ages 14, 12 and 10) to a local radio station to collate booklets which are distributed all over town. They make 8 dollars an hour and work for several weeks straight so they are thrilled to have this work.

Returning home with the six and three year old I deep cleaned three bathrooms and spot cleaned the downstairs carpet. My oldest at home is 16 and she opted for staying home from the radio station so I put her to work with me. All the laundry got done and several bags of trash taken out.

As I sort items to be given away or taken to the Goodwill I am always astounded at how much "stuff" passes through our home. I am not a shopper but, still, my biggest challenge seems to always be conquering clutter.

I could easily have been a Shaker; hanging ladder back chairs from the beams in order to free up floor space! I always seem to be purging and a move is a wonderful excuse to purge!

Rosie, Abby, Patrick and I all stop for a quick lunch of salad with sliced ham and hard boiled eggs. It is the first bright sunny HOT day we have had in quite a while so we enjoy sitting on the deck and looking down on the back yard flowers.

Rosie puts Patrick down for a nap and I pick up the rest of the kids from the radio station.

I have chicken thawing for dinner which we will have with rice and veggies and my hubby's homemade bar-b-que sauce. I need to take Rosie into town to her piano lesson and call my son to see if he can borrow a pick-up to take a load of stuff to the dump. I must send an e-mail out to our large church advertising old (but good!) furniture to be given away which will help a lot with the move!

Although moves are stressful (we have made many, many of them) and the family will miss loved ones here-we have found a wonderful new church in our new town and I look forward to being able to be a direct help to my husband by preparing healthy meals for him.

Blessings to all you ladies!


Anonymous said...

My daughter (5) has been having some issues with adjusting to moving at the end of the month. She and I spent time together this morning, just cuddling and watching a movie together. (I love it that I can take time to minister to my family member's hearts far more frequently than if I were to work out of the home!)
We would normally be doing school work during the day, but the blessing of homeschooling becomes apparent when we are able to cater to each child, and can finish sooner than planned, if they catch on more quickly than expected! We were finished with school weeks ago and our normal school schedule is not planned to start until the middle of August! (We still do light school work such as reading and review all year round.)
Then some laundry was done and the house was cleaned up a bit.
Now I am baking a chicken and getting dinner started, and am also about to start sewing some cloth feminine products while I am waiting for the chicken to finish.
Then we have reading and game play, then possibly a bit of television before tucking the kiddo into bed. Possibly play some dice with husband and then we go to bed as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm a stay at home wife with a light load and a quiet lifestyle.

I woke up to the birds singing around 5am, got dressed and prettied up for the day, and drank some water with lemon.

I had a granola bar for breakfast and gave my husband his Ensure shake. I did a load of laundry.

I read the day's new online, and took a 50 minute walk on the treadmill.

I puttered around, doing some housecleaning, then gave my husband his granola bar for lunch. I don't eat lunch.

This afternoon I'm spending in Bible reading and prayer...after I'm done looking at a few nice blogs like this one that I check regularly :)

I will make a nice healthy dinner this evening with potatoes and many vegetables, maybe in a stir fry. We will have plain berries for dessert. Then I will watch the local news with my husband, and we will spend the evening in conversation and maybe watch a good movie on television.

This might sound dull or lacking in meaning compared to the lives of busier women and mothers have, but this is the season in my life and I wanted to post it offering encouragement to any others reading. I am so peaceful and fulfilled, with God, in my simple little life.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I put the final work into organizing our garage (which I did the past two days), cleaned out two kitchen cabinets to make it easier to find things,wrote for my blog (twice today since there was a birthday), rearranged one shelf of a bookshelf, did two loads of laundry (one more to go), made lunch and will make dinner soon, picked up my son from his summer job, drove to the college he attends to find out the book list and "buy back" his French book, stopped by the library on the way home... and it is only 5:30 pm.

There is never a dull day.

~~Deby said...

I have been blessed with a new sewing machine and I needed to tackle a room in my home, I call my lovely room.
It needs spring cleaning and re-arranging so I can sew in comfort and order. So I finally have buckeled down to the job. Right now there are piles everywhere and I know that the next thing will be to purge and get things ready to go to Value Village or on Craig's list.
This morning after I got hubby off to work I had my Bible time, made our bed, dressed put a load of laundry on . I am also reading a Grace Livingston Hill book here and there.
We are having a gorgeous SUNNY warm day here in the Pacific Northwest so my windows are open with a gentle breeze blowing my lace curtains.
We just finished up 4 days of Revival at my church so my thoughts have been pondering the things taught and need to be applied.
So thankful to be a homemaker.

Taly said...

Let's see, I will jump on this fun. I nursed the baby at 5am. Then got up at 6:30, woke up three girls and got them off to school. Nursed baby again, got dressed, had coffee, planned the day, read some email. Then I dressed baby girl, hung up laundry outside, unloaded the diswasher. Gave breakfast to the two children at home with chicken pox =). Vacuumed the main part of the house, washed breakfast dishes by hand. Made beds, picked up things. Put away clean laundry, waited on my patients. Gave baby her supplement bottle (health issues), got her to sleep and pumped some milk. Cooked chilli, made polenta and baked cookies. Mixed up a batch of sour dough bread. Welcomed daughters home from school, served them lunch, including my teen brother. Washed dishes with help of girls. Had a visit from a friend and her children. Nursed baby. Served lunch to hubby. Sewed for a while (dress for oldest daughter), wrote a few emails. Spent the rest of the day outside pulling weeds, with a short break of nursing baby and getting her to sleep. Took down and folded laundry. Came in, gave baby a bath and bottle. Prepare supper for everybody, including my dad. Tucked baby and smaller chidlren into bed. Cleaned up the kitchen, helped DH and dad with some paperwork, sorted clothes and started washer, took a shower and now pumped more milk. Whew, I guess that's it for today. Pretty full.

Natalija from Serbia

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun! Today I have been catching up on laundry, giving the counter tops and the things on the counter tops a thorough cleaning, rearranging some window treatments in the living room, I cleaned out a junk drawer and a junk basket and found homes for the items in them, I've also been trying to notice little things that I seem to over look and have tried to take care of some of them. I have taken care of and played with 3 very large and messy dogs (and 2 cats), read part of a book and now I'm about to go and fix supper. After supper I'll clean up the kitchen, work on straightening the living room, finish up the laundry and then relax with my husband. (o:

I might have to do one of these on my blog with some pictures soon.

Thank you for this....I was feeling as if I hadn't gotten much done today (because of how the living room still looks) and really I have accomplished plenty! (o:

Anonymous said...

Because we are relocating in a couple months, I spent a good deal of time online today researching housing options. I helped my son who is learning long division, and I also coached him on his attitudes with schoolwork and chores. During our devotional time today, we discussed the disasters that have happened in China and Burma; and the famines that many parts of the world are beginning to experience. After praying about these matters, we had lunch. Later I had a doctor's appointment, and now that I am back, it is back to online research for housing. I may take a hot bath, as I am not feeling well, and after dinner we may go for a family drive. Great question, Lydia! I've enjoy reading about everyone's day.

Anonymous said...

Today was my TOPS meeting. I am the leader for our chapter. It was graduation day for one of our members so I delivered my graduation address to her and presented her with her gifts from the group which I had purchased over the past several days.

Today was also the day we honored our KOPS which are our ladies who have lost the weight they wanted to lose and are keeping it off. I delivered my speech to them. I wrote each of the speeches myself and practiced them over the past couple of days. I also gave them the geraniums that I potted for them last night.

As if that wasn't enough for the meeting, it was also our 31st Anniversary as a chapter. I delivered my speech on that topic using information I gleaned from reviews of old records and recollections of members. Then I conducted the meeting and then we all went out to eat at a local salad shoppe where we visited until 1:00 p.m.

Prior to my meeting starting at 10:00 a.m. I drove my son to school, went to the doctor for my appointment (which ran late, of course).

When I got home from the luncheon, I started in on my book study which needs to be completed by Saturday. At 3:00 p.m. I walked up to school to get my son. We played on the playground until 4:30 p.m. then walked home. I will soon be starting dinner and picking up the house before DH gets home. This evening DH and I will watch LOST, our favorite TV show then get ready for tomorrow and go to bed.

I loved this topic and I am grateful that my husband values me as a SAHM and is willing to work hard to let me be the wife and mother God intended me to be.

Shari said...

Hmmm..Let's see. I got up at 7:00 a.m. and made breakfast for my husband and boys. Then I showered and got dressed. Cleaned the kitchen, laundry room, and the boys' bathroom. I went to an appointment and went to lunch with my husband. Came home to rest for a bit. I prepared dinner to put in the oven and made my bed. Did two loads of laundry and now I am at the computer. No, I don't sit all day long and I LOVE being the keeper of my home right where God put me. I wouldn't have it any other way. I take pride in my home and want it acceptable and cozy for my hubby and family. It would be easy somedays just to sit and do nothing, but I don't think that is using my time wisely when my hubby works hard all day! :)

Shari said...

Oops--I forgot one thing. I did my devotions before I showered.! That's one important thing I can't start my day without! :)

Anonymous said...

My little baby-grand came over to stay while my daughters went to town to do some grocery shopping.

we made our usual Thursday night supper of cheeseburgers, oven tater chunks and baked beans. Tonight we had collard to go with it too. Thursday is easy supper night. :o)

I rearranged the entertainment cabinet, did a couple loads of laundry. I packaged a gift for a dear friend so it can be sent off tomorrow when my daughter goes to town, she helps my parents at their flea market. I packaged a Father's Day gift. Also helped children with school and worked in the gardens. Oh yes, and watched my Beloved do the yard work. :o)

I hope to get some crochet in and maybe another chapter of GLH's In The Way. I think that's about all.

I am curious about the Bumphries as well.

Take care, Paula

tamlovesran said...

I just posted a Day in the Life of Me post yesterday. Stop by for a visit and take a look.


Sarah D. said...

I did two loads of laundry, took the cat to the vet, paid the bills, picked up a jacket from being altered, put together graduation gifts for my daughter's Kindergarten class, ironed graduation gowns for her class, went to her school and practiced with them for their program, cooked dinner, read books, started getting ready for a garage sale, do I need to go on? LOL!

Kimberline said...

I don't know if you will care to add this post to the blog Lydia, but my happily busy day got an unexpected and jarring halt this mid-afternoon when I received the news that a younger cousin passed away unexpectedly. He was being treated for 2 weeks for what they thought was a sinus infection and he passed away during the night, with no one realizing his situation was so dire. My day was just lovely really until that point, and then all of the plans were changed and my purpose has turned to something very serious and the mood here now is somber. My children have been such a sweet and gentle support.

Tomorrow I will work in my home and keep my hands busy "doing the next thing," As Oswald Chambers suggests be done in difficult times. It is in the sad and truly hard times in life that I am especially glad to be busy in my home. There is something cathartic about doing the "same old regular chores" to keep my hands busy. It soothes my mind and my heart when I am sad and grieving.

I had a reminder today that life is very precious and fragile. While I was about my busy day, my cousin had not awakened on this side of his life at all. It reminds me of what a duty the Lord has placed on me to be here in the home teaching my children about the things of God.

Life is so brief and there is no way to know what tomorrow will bring, so I want my home to be like heaven on earth...To be a small reminder every day of what we are aiming for in eternity.

Unknown said...

Made many phone calls. Filled out paper work prior to visiting my new rhuematologist, educated my 10 yr. old. History lesson on immigration. For kicks we took time to research the seven wonders of the ancient world. Light housekeeping was done. Called a pastor's wife to encourage her. Couseled a troubled mother via telephone. Paid several bills. Cooked a delicious dinner. Watched a movie with my hubby. Prepared tomorrow's shopping list. Read a few political blogs and foreign based blogs. Ready for sleep.

~~Deby said...

a add-on to my other comment:
It was so lovely we (dh) bbq'd tonight, so I made a batch of my SEASON SALT, I tripled it as we love it on many things.
Did a few more things in my lovely room, sorted magazines...tossed more.
Cooked our veggies to go with our STEAK.
Helped my husband with a project.
Fell asleep in the recliner....
this has been a joy to do.
Can I say, I also pray throughout the day as the Lord brings people, situations mind.

Rita Loca said...

Since I home school, this comment will be short!
laundry, cooking, schooling two children, address wedding invitations, type something for my husband, hemming a pair of jeans for my son, paying bills, returning a top, ... oh, and now, blogging a bit.

Anonymous said...

We are all such busy ladies!

My days are mainly spent at home, my children are young. We have meals together, spend a lot of time outside now that the weather is clear.

I am blessed to have two good neighbors who live in the adjoining homes so whenever we go out outside, we have lots of kids around and I have other moms to have a quick chat with.

I work in two coffee breaks for mom (along with two internet breaks!). Baths go in there, cooking something at least every other day, usually enough for two days. Tidying up, caring for the dog. Praying. Working with the oldest on his writing and reading. I can't think of a better way to spend my days. Glorious.

~ Ann

Anonymous said...

Lady Lydia,

I did another post that talks about my day today that I thought would be a good one for your post. Hope you don't mind. Here's the link. (o:

Many Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady Lydia,
I have enjoyed your site for several years now and just recently started a blog of my own. I really like reading the theme articles and all of your posts - they are so very encouraging and uplifting. I had a typical, busy day today - homeschooling, cooking, cleaning and a nice outing to the park this afternoon to enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. It was fun reading about other's busy days keeping their homes. Thank you!

Abounding Treasures said...

A great idea! Since my husband has been on vacation for the past couple of weeks, my days are a little less busy than usual :o)

After awaking and having my morning cup of tea and a time with the Lord, reading and praying and meditating, I had breakfast and did the dishes.

A load of laundry was washed, folded and put away.

A trip to the post office to pick up a parcel which turned out to be 2 "carpets" of wildflowers sent by my mother :o)

A trip to a local garden center to purchase 2 more dwarf burning bushes to place on the side of our yard where 2 of our hydrangeas planted last year died. Now we have a hedge of about 6-7 of these shrubs which turn a deep red in the fall.

There was an excellent sale so I also purchased a lovely yellow forsythia shrub and 2 huge bags of garden topsoil. Then coming home, I enjoyed helping a little, but mostly watching, my husband plant these shrubs. His vacation has just ended and he starts back to work this week so it was a special, warm, sunny afternoon around the yard.

He also fixed the lawnmower and our son mowed the back lawn which really needed it.

We had some BBQ'd meat leftover from the night before, so I decided to cut it all up and chop or slice onions, yellow peppers, celery and make a large batch of rice so I could do kind of a "hash" for supper long with a veggie and a delicious tossed salad.

Our daughter was getting prepared for a weekend of special ministry meetings a few hours' drive away so there were preparations to be made for that.

After supper, there was the 2nd night of special ministry on the book of Hebrews and "Living By Faith" so we picked up an elderly friend of ours and drove to it.

When we arrived home, our daughter was waiting and finally packed and her ride was late and hadn't arrived as planned so my husband drove her to a spot where she was to be picked up.

When he got back, I enjoyed listening to him play his guitar and then later the 3 of us relaxed, watching a movie together before we called it a night and went to sleep.

An anxious telephone call from our daughter woke us early this morning to say that she couldn't find her wallet :o(

A quick call back to us about 30 minutes later with the good news that she had left it in the car of the person who drove her, let us breathe more easily :o)

As you can see, other than basic everyday needful cleaning, not much big cleaning has been done but this week will see me catching up with all that!

Lydia said...

Thank you all for being so generous with your time and contributing to this post. I think it does far more good than some "how-to's" for the homemaker. People who live in the other world, outside the home, are often astonished there are so many homemakers. They call us "old-fashioned," yet we use modern inventions and conveniences while being a homemaker.

Anonymous said...

Here in Norway we are celebrating our National Independence day holiday.
I got up early to finish decorating the cake as a flag with fresh cream, blueberries and raspberries. (The berries were homegrown and frozen last summer, the eggs fresh today from the chickens in our garden.) I then made blueberry muffins, bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

I had checked over the children's national costumes yeasterday and moved a couple of buttons for my youngest son's suspenders. The shirts were all freshly ironed after breakfast. We dressed and then spent the morning celebrating with the whole town. All the children march in a parade with the town band to a noontide family service at church. We joined my in-laws for lunch with several of our close neighbours. The afternoon was spent at the local school where there were games and races for all the children. I served hamburgers and the cake for an early supper which should have been a BBQ but we were fighting snow today! My in-laws joined us for this meal. I have done two loads of laundry and fed the chickens and tidied the house this evening. The children are enjoying a family movie with their father right now before bedtime. Not a typical day, but then what day is? Gill.

Mrs. H. said...

This is Mrs. H. again - my name didn't have the link to my blog when I posted earlier. I'm still learning about all this! Thanks.

Lydia said...

Thanks Jill. I will link to the book with reference to that chapter. I dont' care what religion it is, if there is a good article on modesty I will provide the reference.

Lydia said...

To Anonymous: To suggest that homemaking is demeaning....that is snobbery, is it not? To say that any job is demeaning or drudgery is to look down your nose at people. You must be very rich indeed to be able to say that. When you need someone to clean your drain or do plumbing, do you call a plumber (sometimes almost a hundred dollars an hour) and tell him you need help and say he has a second class job and his job is demeaning but you will let him clean your drain? Would you say that the person who grows food on a farm has a lower class job because he is providing food for the world? Literally today one farmer in America provides food and grain for thousands of people. Would you say that is a demeaning job , and still go to market and buy his food? Where are you learning such conceit? In college, or at work?

Also concerning college: According to Dewey and Mann and other 19th/20th century modernists, education was going to be the vehicle to save mankind from ignorance and poverty and inequality. They took it upon themselves to "solve" the age old problems that even Jesus said "you will always have with you."

Rejecting the Bible and God, many of the educational reformers sought to make school and college the church of the age. By education, they said, mankind would get better and better."

But, when you have lived a little while and begun to see that your degree will not do as much for you as you expected, you will understand why so many people are going back to the Biblical standard for life and happiness. Education is not the answer to life and godliness or even personal happiness. I have written many articles about how many degreed people cannot manage their own lives: in and out of divorces, children from several different partners, bankruptsy, etc. Not everyone who is educated will make it in life. You will find that the money you spent could better have been spent on a house, some good furniture, a vacation, or invested.

Just because you do not go to college or even a school, does not mean you are uneducated. There are a lot more smarter, successful people in the world who never went to college. It is not your ticket to live or to heaven, but it will get you a job and you'll be stuck with that job for a long time while you pay off the debt or struggle to make a living and pay a huge house payment. You will never be free from it because once you have got a degree you will use it, even if you don't want to.

HisBeloved said...

My husband and I along with our 3 1/2 month old daughter just moved two weeks ago, so I am spending another day unpacking boxes and trying to figure out where to put all that stuff I spent years saving for my hope chest.

Since it is Monday, I have about 4 loads of laundry to wash and dishes to load and unload and some to wash that can't go in the dishwasher.

And since I dread unpacking more boxes, I am online going through my reader, being encouraged and exhorted by other housewives/bloggers.

Aside from that, I will have the usual baby feedings and dinner to prepare. Having said that, this is my day! :D

Anonymous said...

Today seemed extra productive for some reason.

My son and I got up and saw Daddy off to work. We cooked up a lovely breakfast. Played inside, then out in the rain.

While he had a nap, I managed to sort through some boxes of clothes I've been meaning to go through and have some for a friend, some for charity and some to consign.

When my son rose, we had lunch, then baked some muffins.

My husband is planning on taking us out for dinner (an unexpected treat) so now I am purusing online :) as my little guy has his second nap.

Oh, I managed to tidy up a bit as well....but that seems hardly worth mentioning as it's a daily occurence.

I enjoyed reading what everyone else was doing!