Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Gem of the Field

When I first saw my "new home" I was in a state of shock. I never saw anything so dismal in my life. I sat in dismay, unwilling to unpack anything. I wanted to go back to Texas. My husband said we couldn't go back and we would have to make the best of things. He told me to go to WalMart and get whatever I needed to hoist the old place up. It was amazing what a coat of white paint did. Forty year old dark stained panneling which had long lost any gloss, was transformed into brightness. The tall grass and weeds were clipped and mowed, revealing one of the most beautiful views in the world. We removed the complicated dark, draperies and put up hand made muslin curtains with ball fringe. This scene was snapped from that window. In spite of the fact that the man who had built this house over 40 years ago had used scrap materials, his ideas were very good! He had built a window to take in the view. He had built a sewing room for his wife. The dining room was framed by a special opening, and every single room had a view. No high windows, either, but all low enough to look out when seated.

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