Friday, May 23, 2008

Lights of Home

Lights of Home by Klaus Strubel

I was thinking today of the effect that cleaning a house has on the people in it. It lights up the place. It gives it a fresh, new feeling. Just as God designed the earth to revolve around the sun, so the home revolves around the needs of our loved ones. Things change constantly, it seems, but it certainly keeps the home interesting. When things are orderly and bright, everyone seems to be happier. Sometimes when one or more members of the family are "out of sorts" it comes from the neglect of the home.

There is nothing like home. No place of business or other institution has the same feeling as home. That is reason enough to give it top priority in the care of it. Children must be taught and family members must be able to discuss the important issues on their hearts. These things are not as easily done elsewhere. The home is where true freedom exists. It is here that we can be who we are and express our beliefs with confidence. The home is your own little country, where you fly your own flag and have your own culture.

There is an endless supply of poetry and stories written about the lights of home. Home provides more than a physical light to the neighborhood. It also provides a feeling of love an warmth, The homemaker's time there creates a special feeling. We always remember our home life better than anything else, for it is there we have been safe and happy.


Just Me said...

A timely post, Lady Lydia! I plan to bring my troops together tomorrow to discuss the initial unpacking and organization of our beautiful new home! (After a good breakfast of pancakes, however!) Thank you for the encouragement in that daunting task!

Rick said...

Thank you so much for such a beautiful and inspirational post! I know I can always find encouragement to be a better homemaker on you site.

Anonymous said...

So true. Having a clean home makes a family feel comfortable. They can relax & not feel stressed when things can't be found. Picking the right colors sets a mood too.

Anonymous said...

Last week I went on an over night trip with my husband. My mother stayed at my house and watched our children. When we arrived home, she had my house spotless and a delicious dinner cooked. I was so happy to be home! Her efforts reminded me of how beautiful and important a home keeper is!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. Cleaning is so, so important.

~ Ann