Monday, May 26, 2008

Table Settings

Sometimes all that is needed for a centerpiece are the pieces from the china set. Here is a set that has colors in it that afford several different types of combinations in table cloths and placemats. This one is set with dark red chargers. The gold cutlery match the gold trim on the rims of plates and cups. The patchwork pads were created by my daughter when she was very young. I saved them and didn't use them much because I knew there was a slim possibility of ever getting more, once her life got busier. I was right: she now has four children and when she has "spare time" she lays down or reads a book! The design was copied from the round quilted potholders of her great-grandmothers, which we still had. It consists of fabrics from some of her own dresses which I sewed when she was younger, and batting and bias trim. It is all machine stitched.


candy said...

This looks very pretty.

Jan Hatchett said...

How lovely! I am familiar with gold chargers and clear ones, but I have never seen red ones. Red is a wonderful color and works well for almost every holiday, too (okay, maybe not St. Patty's day).

I really enjoy seeing these lovely centerpieces and place settings--very inspirational!

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Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I love the idea of the chargers. That color would work for so many special dinners.

The china pattern is the same as my favorite teacup!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful,it makes me want to go in and have some pie.:) Really,that is so elegant and I have never seen red chargers yet they make those plates pop don't they? .May I ask what the pattern of the dishes are? I just love it when you do your tables,it always makes me want to pretty up my home with what I have.It helps so much to have a "visual aid".Have a beautiful day,you have helped me have a better one.God bless you,Love,Gayle

Anonymous said...

My 4 year-old son saw the pictures of your table and said,"We should go visit her because her house is entirely beautiful."

Rosemary said...

I finally have time today to look through the archives of your blog. My 18yo daughter is taking a cooking class in school. The teacher has the girls set their table properly each time they cook, and i think its such a nice thing for a young girl to learn. Megan is getting married in the fall when her fiance returns from Iraq. They will live in alaska btw, where he is based. I can't believe how domestic shes become! Shes learning to cook and wants me to teach her to sew! I am thrilled beyond belief :)Her sweet fiance is of the mindset that she needs to stay home and care for him and future children! Yippee! :)