Sunday, May 25, 2008

Taken to Tea

I was taken to tea recently.

The food was half eaten before we remember to take a picture, but you can imagine that the presentation on this tiered server was very appealing.
The menus look like this:

And here is what was written on the wall. The shelf contained tea pots for sale. I couldn't get a full picture because there were so many people there and I didn't want to infringe on their privacy. I am not sure they would want to become world famous by being on my blog.

"A cup of tea happiness tasted...and time well spent."


Melissa said...

Lovely! We have a couple of sweet tea rooms in my area as well and I really, really enjoy them!

Many Blessings,

Aelwyn said...

How fun! I so miss the tearooms on the East Coast where I used to live. We recently moved to southcentral AK where I have yet to locate any.

Anonymous said...

How lovely, your daughter and her daughter certainly dressed for the occasion, they look very lady like!


candy said...

Dear Lydia,
Its so lovely. I only wish I was there with you :) How nice it would be to share tea with YOU!!! :)
I love the tea cozzies there too.

Candy from Canada

~~Deby said...

Oh, this is a lovely place.
How fun.
I so enjoy places like this and the sweet memories that go with

Anonymous said...

How lovely! I look forward to when my 12-month-old daughter and I can go out to tea together. My grandmother used to take me and it is still one of the high points of my life. The food was delightful and the company better!

Anonymous said...

How lovely. Thank you for sharing your afternoon tea with your daughter and granddaughter.
Have a wonderful day.
Lynne in NC

Elaine said...

Your tea outing looks like such fun. I think it's wonderful that you spent time together but above all I love the fact that you all have started the little one with lovely tea traditions so young. She will most definitely grow up to love tea time :)

Jen said...

The tea looked like such a wonderful time. I would love to do something like that with my daughters. Since there is nothing around here maybe we will do something at home. Great pictures.


yoshi3329 said...

the food looks great!

Anonymous said...

I went to a tea house for the first time this past March...I enjoyed it a lot although the one I went to was a little pricey, but my Red Hat friends picked the place and I was just tagging along in my Pink Hat. I'm the youngest at 47 and they make me wear pink...LOL! When I'm 50 I'll "redurate" and get to wear red!

I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your visit!♥

Kimberline said...


Do you remember what the saying that was written on the wall?

What an adorable tea room. I used to occasionally go to a tea room with my SIL's, mother and sister. I loved how they decorated the tea room with items that were actually for sale. One could buy any tea pot or set of saucer and cup. There were additional rooms to browse in while waiting to be seated. Each was full of candles, tea pots, laces, dried flowers and other pretty things that would catch a lady's fancy.

I always wanted to run a tea room, but while I'm busy with my family still at home, it is just too much to contemplate :)

Thanks for sharing your lovely outing with us!



Lydia said...

Thanks for asking. It reminded me to type it under the picture.