Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Tables

Thank you for your visit To my Homemaking web-log with a Titus 2 theme.  I hope you find something that edifies you, either from my posts or the comments left by readers.

Today I am sharing some of the early gifts which was given to me two days ago so that I could use it on a couple of tables today.

This unusual candle is battery-operated and has a flickering flame that is produced by a little fan within. It also has a timer. The flame looks real and it is impossible to take a true picture of it. 

These cups came with the tea set.

I was especially happy with the box it came in, since it is shaped for the teapot and covered in satin. This is perfect for using away from home because the packaging is conformed to the shapes.  The tea set came from a discount store, similar to he reject stores in Australia .  It looks very rich, but the boxed set was only$11.00 and each cup and saucer set was $3.50 and is dishwasher safe, unlike some of the antique teacups. You can find things like this at a Ross or a TJ Maxx/Homegoods store in your area. They may have slight flaws but work well for a home like mine, where They get a lot of use.

From Dollar Tree, I am sharing an idea for nice gifts. There was a variety of gold and silver boxes in different shapes, which give the dollar store selections an elegant look. Above. A cylinder box holds a bottle of brown-sugar scented body splash, wrapped in scented tissue (I sprayed some of the cologne on it), all from Dollar Tree.

This little square gift box is probably intended for a gift card but a pair of men's socks, also from Dollar Tree, made in France,  fit perfectly. My aren't we posh today.  These gifts go to our guests who are bringing a Waldorf salad for dinner.

The prize goes to this teapot that my DH picked out by himself and gave to me.  It is food safe and I will be using it a lot.

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Julian said...

So pretty! I got a downtown abbey tea pot from my husband! Tea presents can't be wrong!:) thanks for sharing. Beautiful! Christina