Sunday, December 28, 2014

Faithful Love

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Hello Dear Ladies,
Welcome to my home making web-log. I hope you are uplifted by your visit here.  It has been a windy and rainy day. You would think after all the history of the umbrella, we could get one that would not be turned inside out by the wind, but even the strongest and most expensive brollies are vulnerable to fierce wind and rain.
 Each year there is a gathering in Times Square to observe something called "Good Riddance Day."  People get rid of resentments and everything that has perturbed or aggravated them in their lives and determine to forget it, forgive, and move on.  
Years ago when the book "Fascinating Womanhood" was first published, many ladies attended classes to learn more about having a happy marriage and home life. One of the things taught in the course was: In order to have a happy marriage, you have to give up some things and get rid of some things. I am sure many of us widened our eyes in dismay, wondering what kind of sacrifice this would be!  However, we were greatly relieved when the teacher said to give up worry, resentments, bitterness, tension, frustrations and various fears and constant inner turmoil.
There are good reasons for giving all this up, as was shown in continuing classes. These things are certainly worth giving up, even at work, in the world as you go about your business,  at church, in the home, in all relationships and in marriage. We could probably add more things to the list: distrust, suspicion, scheming, and more. Christian ladies especially need to guard their home atmospheres from the things that put a damper on the mood of the home and family, and keep the troops uplifted. 
What you gain from giving up the harmful feelings is personal peace and happiness.  Your health may improve and your home may gain the atmosphere you wish. As you become more like Jesus, you will draw others to your message. When you give up worry, bitterness, envy, hatred, even bad manners, you end up being free to love.   You will not carrying a burden anymore and you can function in your home and in your role as a Christian woman, the way you were meant to.

Please keep in mind that there will always be and always has been a world of tumult around us and that we cannot fix the world.Not everyone in your life is going to cooperate with you and not everyone will be a nice person in return, but when you give up hardness of heart, you can function more fully as a Christian lady in the home. Remember, God is on your side if you love.

It is important, I think, to spend time alone with God and His Word, and then more time walking and talking with God, if you can find a place to do it and get away from the troubles around you.  If you will make an effort to spend quiet time with God and pour out all your troubles, you may find He makes all things possible for you.

Here is a verse to live by:

 Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.
Psalm 37:4

Is it peace you want in your life? Do you long for things like comfort and reassurance, stability - both physical and spiritual--or, do you desire to be kind and loving, hospitable, and creative?  Do you want to make better use of your time, become a better homemaker or be able to teach your children wisdom? These are the desires of the hearts of most women. There are two parts to this verse, each dependent upon the other. Do your best to put it into action, and trust God for the results. 

Though we have the blessings of family and friends, our Lord is the only friend with true, faithful love, who will never betray us or forsake us, so it makes good sense to rely on Him and to pour our hearts out to him, asking His aid in our efforts to carry out the responsibilities he has given us as Christian ladies.

Although this post is not about a particular aspect of homemaking itself, it is written because any job worth doing has to have a strong belief behind it: that it is worthwhile in the eyes of the Lord. Without a belief, things become mechanical and meaningless.  With faith, there is motivation to go beyond what is required.

Don't forget to pray.

Your comments are valued and appreciated. If you are a reader of this web-log and have never commented, I hope you will either leave a comment or email me.


~Mrs.J~ said...

Oh Dear Lady Lydia! How wonderful to read such encouraging words to begin to plan my 2015! I am striving towards more contentment and less selfishness in the new year and this is just how to start!

~Mrs. J~

Rachel said...

Dear Lady Lydia,
Once more your words sound like those of a mother to me. Learning to leave noise and turmoil out and dwelling in peace, alert only for the Lord´s word, is something I´ve been practising for some time now, thanks to your posts.
Have you got a theme-verse for the New Year? I love Psalm 37 that you quote, and I´ve taken verse 3 as my motto for 2015: "Trust the Lord and do good". How many ways of doing good can I find today? They´re there because our good Lord put them in our way for us to find them. That makes life a passionate discovery journey every day!
Thank you for being there, for your wisdom. May God bless you in this New Year.

Rachel and Family said...

I am a faithful reader, but rare commentor. Your blog is uplifting and inspiring as well as practical. Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into it. It makes me feel no so alone in my Biblically traditional values.

Unknown said...

I find very often that you post just what I need to hear. Thank you! Another wonderful post.

Christine said...

Dear Lydia,
A very special and timely post for this time of year, when many of us are re-evaluating our lives and want to make positive changes.
I think of none more important for the Christian lady than what you have written of.
I shall be printing this out and adding it to my home-makers journal to as a wonderful reminder through the year.
Blessings, Christine

Alex said...

THank you, Lady Lydia ~ a really beautiful post full of hope and peace for the New Year. And I loved the singing ~ so sweet.
I always enjoy my visits here, your faithful words, home made makes, tips, advice and the joy out of little things, caring things, that emanates from your blog. Please don't change!
After all the fuss of Christmas, that is just what I need : )
Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Dear lady Lydia, you are such a blessing to me. Even though we have never met, physically, know that your words are always filled with wisdom and continue to point us towards Our Lord. Thank you so much.


ChristyH said...

As always, very uplifting and encouraging.

Finding Joy said...

Happy New year :)

I have enjoyed your encouraging posts throughout the year and they are very uplighting and helpful to other women I am sure.

Thought of you when I wrote my post for yesterday - it was the sort of thing I thought you might like - colouring in for grown ups!!

In God's gracious care.