Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Guest House

Today I will show more pictures of the guest house where we went for Tea. See the previous post for the tearoom photos. My friend Jan has been asking me several years to come to,this place but the distance was such that it was not exactly a hop, skip amd a jump to get there. It was a long, cross-country trip and I was glad someone else was doing the driving. 

Upstairs in this wonderful old house, now restored, are three guest rooms, a dining room and a kitchen.  I will show the eating area in the next post. Above you see the landing at the top of the stairs on the way to the bedrooms. 

Each room was named after someone in the family of the original owners of the house.

An old closet was removed to accommodate a fireplace.

Guest Room 1.

A day bed on one wall in this room.

Guest room 2 has light green tones.

This is one of those lamps with a light that moves to make the picture look like live ocean waves. I remember seeing these "in the old days". Wendy pulled aside the covers to show me the celery green printed sheets that coordinate with the room.

Guest Room 3 is very small but space is used efficiently.

A closet made into a space for a dressing table.

A seating area in the third guest room.

It was a dark, rainy day but it did not matter. These old houses look their best even in the worst of times. 

I hope you check back soon for the next post. 


Julian said...

How pretty! I really like the way the rooms are cozy and pleasant to look at! Thanks for sharing.

Finding Joy said...

What a pretty collection of room that look so comfortable. Love the feminine quilt covers.

Christine said...

Such a beautiful home.. Very much somewhere I could feel quite comfortable. So glad you took the time to photograph it. Thank you :-)


Unknown said...

What a charming experience. The rooms are so quaint. This truly would be a refreshing day trip. Kelly

Dawn said...

Such pretty and cozy rooms! Each of those beds look so inviting. I'm sure you'd be guaranteed a perfect night's sleep.