Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Guest House Christmas Tour, (continued)

                                      Painting by Susan Rios from

I would like to thank Wendy for allowing me to take photos of her antique shop, guest house and tea room.  I have been sharing this visit in my previous posts.  A lot of things were for sale there, but I was so intent on taking photos that I forgot to shop, and I did not bring home anything. However, I might be able to order something as a memento of the trip.  Also I would like to thank Janet and her husband for inviting us and treating us to such a splendid afternoon tea.  

From her blue room, one of the tea rooms.

Antiques for sale.

Closets of dresses, hats and shoes were available for dressing up for tea time.

More pretties in the shopping area.

Dress-up clothes.

Those kitchen cannisters underneath the tea cart look interesting. I did not see them until I noticed them in the photo.

Part of the white room area of the tea room, with more goodies for sale.

The table where we sat, in the red room.

The yard and porches.

Twig deer. That is the kind to have. We have an awful problem with deer eating all the flowers.

Love that bowl of pale pink cabbage roses on the table.

The front door.

I hope to get my table set and put another post up with photos of the festive preparations. Yesterday my DH spent the morning helping me by doing the driving in the awful traffic so I could go back to the grocery store and a few other places.  He is great at maneuvering and getting quickly through stores and back home.  As happens in many families, grown children often spend holidays with the other side of the family (like we did, back in the day) and one set of parents gets to sleep-in and have the day off (smile).  

Album of the historic house in earlier days.

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Amy B said...

Lovely photos. What a wonderful home. We have the exact wheelbarrow that you photographed! Have a wonderful Christmas, Lady Lydia. Thank you so much for sharing such encouragement in so many areas of womanhood, mothering, Christian living. Your blog is a place I come to often for refreshment. God bless you for lifting the burdens that often weigh us down.