Monday, October 22, 2018

Hostess Award

A Caller  by Thomas Cantrelle Dugdale

I do not want to allow too much more time to go by since my visit to Roxy of Living From Glory to Glory blog (see my sidebar) because I want to present this air-hostess-award to her.

She did not pay me to say this:

Her warm home and her quiet and gentle hospitality, though very simple, was perfect for extremely weary travellers.  I noticed some things I want to mention here, because they added so much to the ambiance of her home.   I also have a few pictures I want to show you.
I told  her I wanted to see this on her blog. 

Aren't these just the best idea?

In the middle of brown prairie land she made a plush green meadow around her house.

The guest room has the same blanket set I have in  one of my guest rooms.

  • She has the cutest metal pumpkin on the hearth from Hobby Lobby. I regret not taking a picture of the beautiful red oil lamps with hanging crystals at each end of her mantel. She said the fireplace was included in the house, and can you imagine that some people whose house had the same kind of fireplace removed it? I can't recall if it is an electric fireplace but it seems as though it was. I like that it was situated neatly in a corner of the room.
She uses these liners for her slow-cooker and saves herself a lot of labor cleaning it. Slow cookers are very heavy and hard to wash. I did not know about these!

Things I did not get a photo of:
-a Better Homes pumpkin spice candle glowing in the kitchen
-a library area with a table and chair set in front of it where she studies herhBible,  reads and writes letters.
-pretty led-lite pillar candles turned on in the evening
-witty sayings on magnets on the fridge
-A book of her own water color paintings put in plastic sleeves.
-a basket in the guest room with things to use that I absconded on the way out: shampoo and soap

In the kitchen her recipes, hand written, some on cards, some from other people, and perhaps some clipped from magazines were: drum roll please:  all put neatly inside plastic pages in a binder! Oh that I could be so organized!

I liked the fact her grandchildren and their parents came over every evening from next door to tell her goodnight. That's a dream for all grandparents and grandchildren, and she's living that dream.

  • She gave me permission to steal her ideas for improving the atmosphere in my own home.l

If you see a post on her blog declaring me the perfect guest, I paid her to say it ;-)


Lynn said...

Your last comment was humorous....haha

Feminine Belle said...

Looking at the last picture of the hearth...

HEY! I have a cobalt blue vase like the one on the right side too!!!

*seeing us as friends already. ;o)

Mrs. White said...

I absolutely loved reading this! Roxy is such a sweet, dear lady. I am delighted you had such a lovely visit. Thank you for sharing the lovely things you saw in her home that will inspire us all!

Unknown said...

I just wanted to say, I always feel so happy and uplifted whenever I read your blog. Glad you're safely home...wish you could've visited us down here in Southern California (Disneyland area)! Thank you so much for continuing this blog - a lovely inspiring haven in a stressful world.

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, I just wanted to say that we had such a lovely time having you in our home. I am so glad you felt inspired and enjoyed being in our home. When I see the pictures of those little things that you thought were pretty or useful made me smile.
I felt the same way when we came to visit you and Stan!
Seeing someones home really helps us know them better I think!
I just want to add you both were lovely guest!! Now, that may just make an interesting blog post in the future for me to write.
Lets continue to inspire one another in the future...
Love, Roxy