Thursday, October 11, 2018

Road Trip, Day 2 and 3

Day 2 and 3: Nevada and Arizona

We have driven the Extraterrestrial Highway, and of course Mr. S. was tickled to see the sign:

One thing I saw that seemed alien was this cow out there all alone, with no other cows in sight. I wondered how it got left behind.  I felt so sorry for it because it came up to us when we rolled the window down. It must be very lonely without a herd around it. In the miles and miles that we covered, we saw this one cow, all alone.

Mr/ S. insisted on going into this gift shop but I did not leave the car.

We stopped to take pictures of this  beautiful marbled pastel painted mountain range along the Terrestrial Highway. If I had sewn a gown to go with, it would have been in all those soft colors. This scene is a painter's dream location.

On the surface this seems like a long boring drive but it was very enjoyable and quite interesting. I liked the old highway and all the roads to the right and left of it that had no signs on them.

We were trying to stop every hour and get out of the car, so that we would not be sitting too long. It was a country highway with plenty of turn outs on the side of the road. We were walking around in this spot, when someone in a huge truck stopped and asked if we needed any help.  I thought that was very nice.
The other end of Area 51 had a sign, too, but it was weighted with so many stickers and magnets that it looked like it would fall down. One mystery in Area 51 that I encountered was that  sign was extremely high, and I wondered how people put those stickers on it.   Here is a (very poor) picture of me near the first sign, to show you how high it is. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall:

The other mystery was why not one picture of  my Area 51 dress turned out well enough to publish.
...but Mr. S. Looked good.

After this long stretch we had to get through Las Vegas. This was only the tip of the city as we approached it.
Mr. S. says I never called him "honey"  as much as I did while driving through Vegas, as in, "Honey, watch out for that truck on the left!"  We will not be doing this again! I cannot even remember how in the world we got to the other side of that city and on our way to Arizona.  We won't be doing that again.  

Finally we arrived in Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. This is a place of pink mountains and pink sidewalks to go with.

You can look up Sedona and the canyon to see how spectacular it really is. I took a dozen pictures but they aren't showing up yet so I can't share them with you at this time.

We allowed the grandchildren in Oregon to connect a family tracking app on Mr. S.'s cellphone so they could watch the little car going along the map.  When we stopped in a Walmart in Kingman, AZ  they sent a text to tell me Papa was at the opposite end of the store in the automotive department.. I am not sure whether to be unnerved or reassured by this sort of thing.  I suppose one could never really run away, could they! 

We are so thankful there has not been any car trouble and that in spite of gas stations being over 100 miles apart in some areas, we have not run low on gas. In the remote places there is still a happy peacefulness and beauty, in the presence of our great Creator.

To those who were looking for the Time and Tru rayon dresses like the ones I took with me on this trip: today a Walmart associate told me they had been on sale the last week for $5.00 and were almost all gone, but there are plenty of very pretty and feminine Time and Tru rayon peasant blouses in lovely colors, which might go on sale too. Of the dresses that were available, about four of them were quite modest yet very stylish and pretty.


Linda said...

I hope someone reported the cow to authorities so it could be helped.

Feminine Belle said...

Your dress pattern near the very tall sign (far away) looks like candy corn! 😄

I blew up the picture and saw the teacup as well. Did you bring a collection with you? 😉

Vicki said... are so close to where we live in Prescott, AZ! If I had known you were out this way, my husband and I would have loved to treat you and Mr. S to lunch!

Have a wonderful day!

Lydia said...

Wish I had known I could have broken bread with some of y'all on this trip. We had several terrible meals at commercial places and felt very I'll! So I will tell you now I am in Globe Arizona and have not had breakfast or any tea and we are headed for Silver City New Mexico and passing the towns on the way. I'll give you our schedule on the next post!

Lydia said...

I brought one cup to match that dress. That's one of those Tried and Tru rayon dresses that was on sale for $5 and what a wonderful travel garment it is. It is a black background with blue flowers and burgundy flowers. I will add a clearer picture soon.

Lydia said...

I did not know how to report that poor cow.

Gail said...

That was no cow. It was an alien, disguised as a cow. :0]

Michelle Highfill said...

Miss Lydia, I believe it is supposed to snow later in the afternoon. You will most likely have more snow on the way to Roxy's as Denver & all points north get more snow than Southern Colorado. There is a wonderful small cafe in Pueblo run by a mennonite family called 'Southwest Deli'. They are not open on Sundays, of course, but if you are passing through on Saturday, they have amazing lunches and bakery items!

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

The Super Walmart in Bullhead City is much nicer than the one in Kingman....
A relative of mine just bought a lovely 2BR2Bath manufactured home in a lovely park in Las Vegas. 59,000 and it looks like a regular home, not a trailer. I like Las Vegas, not just for the hotels, but the museums are wonderful and there is a lot to do other than gamble.
We always plan on going to the extra terrestrial highway but get sidetracked. Maybe in the spring.
Glad you're enjoying the scenery.

Lydia said...

Michelle I wish I had known that. IbprI probably should have posted the map earlier and asked for travel tips.