Friday, October 12, 2018

Road Trip Day 5 and 6

Rain poured the entire trip through Arizona today, and I got a photo of a drenched field of cotton. I am thinking about how in the greatest stretch of my imagination I could make something to "go with" that cotton field ;-) Cotton plant decor is so well loved these days. I've seen the artificial cotton at Hobby Lobby and it is made so real-looking.  I am liking all the imitations of nature that is done in the decorating world these days but putting it mildly, it would be good if that translated to ladies clothing and fabrics too.  To go with the scenes of nature, one must have something beautiful to wear. Anything less than elegant is not complimentary to the scene!  I would say with cotton, the smocking and puffy sleeves, gather skirts and of course, made of cotton, would work in a fashion design. Also, in a previous post of Area 51 where I posted a photo of the marbled pastel rock hills, would be a great inspiration for fashion design. 

Commercial clothing is not very appealing, and ladies don't feel dignified and pretty anymore, but there is opportunity for something better. Designers and home stitchers can look around at the beauty of the Earth for ideas. The natural surroundings are covered in color and pattern but most of the population is wearing black.

We viewed the Apache Country as we drove through and had lunch at an Apache restaurant. They were very pleasant people.

Today blogger cannot post my photos. I have so many good ones.

Here is the schedule for the next three days:

Day 5: New Mexico
Day 6: Pueblo, Colorado.

If you live near Pueblo or near I-25, please leave me some comments about the weather there.

It has been raining all day so we were not able to see the mountains of the Great Divide very clearly, but Mr. S. educated me a deal about it. He used to be a school teacher and he does it quite well. I am encouraging him to make some podcasts, with all the things he has been talking about while we are driving.  He knows about a little town which he lived in, which was divided by time zones. He also told me about a fishing trip he took with someone a few decades ago. I want him to tell about it himself, but maybe in the next post I will go ahead and write the amusing story.

This is where the photo of the courthouse in Silver City New Mexico, where Mr. S. was once a deputy sheriff---in the previous century.


Michelle Highfill said...

We are expecting snow on Sunday in Pueblo, however, it is supposed to be in the 60s today in Pueblo. Safe travels!

Lydia said...

Michelle, when is that snowstorm supposed to be? We are hoping to get ahead of it/ going to visit Roxy from the blog Living From Glory to Glory. I'll be texting her along the way at every point to show her where we are.

Lydia said...

I know the news broadcasts about that snow and all the flooding but what concerns me is the super panic voices they use and the over excitement they portray in their reports. I'd like to know more reasonably if it is something to be concerned about enough to avoid travel. I think some of the weather reports say to stay away.

Lynn said...

How interesting and surprising that Stanley was a deputy sheriff once upon a time!

Lydia said...

No one else is with us. It is certainly not as interesting without children on a trip, but they are following a little tiny car on a map on a phone app, and getting a great deal of glee from it, as the car goes fast for awhile and then stops at places, and pulls in to Walmart parking lots. Then they follow Mr. S. when he is walking in an old town and they phone and ask him what he is buying in such and such tourist shop. But naturally we would rather have everyone with us, especially to listen to his history and the memories he has of each area.