Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Road Trip Day 8

Day 7, 8 and 9 are being spent in Colorado at Roxy's (Living From Glory to Glory) wonderful place. Raton Pass was sunny and clear yesterday when we drove through, and it was the place we were the most hesitant about.

Roxy said she caught an elk and made a stew. I am a sea captain's daughter and the word "caught" refers to fish, but the stew was still good.

Here are some pictures from her charming house.  I like the vignette on her coffee table. She painted the table and all the smaller tables, chairs and shelves blue and white. I have done the same thing this year with mint green and white.

Roxy is recovering from surgery so we are using the opportunity to sit around, read books, exchange ideas, inspire each other, count our blessings, watch movies and sleep. I am getting ever so many ideas from the way she has furnished her home.

While she was resting, her grandchildren wanted to know if she would play football but she told them she would put it in her planner for another time.

Mr. S and I  have been letting our memories catch up of the trip.


Lynn said...

So great you could visit your good friend, Roxy.

Feminine Belle said...

Ms. Roxy and I both have something in common. We have the same color of yarn. :o)

Excited to see what you gathered from Ms. Roxy's that you will infuse into your home.

Linda said...

Sounds like a wonderful and restful time.