Monday, October 15, 2018

Road Trip Day 7

It snowed overnight in New Mexico and we were at quite a high altitude.

In answer to comments on Day 6:

My email contact is on the left side where it says email me.

We won't be any where near Durango but next time we run away from home we will get everyone notified earlier!

Mr. S. looks good and sounds good and that's why I kept him off my blog for so long. I knew my constituents would want to hear more from him and my blog would not be about sweeping and sewing anymore. Actually the visit stats went up from 100 per post, to 400 on the posts featuring things about him. When I began blogging this trip he kept kibitzing so I said, get your own blog.

The story he collected today is that we were ushered out, or putting it dramatically, kicked out of a restaurant last night. We were the last customers late in the evening and after we had ordered were told we might want to go elsewhere for dinner because there had been a mishap in the kitchen.

The Raton Pass is our biggest concern because it was down to 60 F and snow. 32 is the freezing point.


Gail said...

What a blessing to have the time and good health to travel around the west like this on the old roads. This is an inspiration to get out and do the same. My husband would love for us to "hit the road" like this. Thanks for sharing the pictures, your doings and the stories of that newest internet sensation, Mr. S!

Adelaide said...

My goodness, I love road trips! Thank you so much for sharing. I enjoy your posts about sewing, fashion and home, too.

Blessed Homemaking said...

When is your trip to England? ♥♥