Saturday, October 13, 2018

Road Trip, Continued

This is the last day of the road trip South.

Weather reports of dangerous travel conditions spoiled Mr. S.'s plan to make a quick trip to Mexico to buy me an embroidered Mexican dress. We were going to park the car and walk across the border and stay an hour. Instead, we are headed North for the journey back, following another route.

 I posted the map again on a previous blog entry. I would have fared better if I had asked for travel tips on the way down, so if you have any ideas or travel tips for the journey back, please comment.

For our final day we walked around the old part of Silver City and viewed the colorfully painted store fronts. Mr. S. lived here as a youth, and said it always rained between 1:30 and 2:00, and didn't you know, it rained right on time each day we were here.

I wanted you to notice the high sidewalk sides in that picture. Have you ever seen anything like it in other old towns? Mr. S. Would not park near them because it was too difficult to open the car door and even more difficult to leap over the wall!

Below is a photo of these mosaic lamps in a gift shop. They were very cleverly made, with a metal curved crook holding the colorful globes as though they were hanging lanterns. The price was $68 for the smallest ones, so I passed on that. I'm going for unbreakable merch these days.

We attended Mr. S.'s high school reunion. There were approximately 200 people and most of them were 75 years old. They looked very good, in fact I will say fantastic. Let me tell you: they were all dressed up and the ladies were wearing nice skirts and dresses, some  with shimmering shawls. 

I saw only one person using a walker and one in a wheelchair. That was a very hearty class. They also brought their beautifully restored antique trucks. Don't we love our trucks, old and new!

 A local judge, possibly also one of the 1962 graduates, led the prayer for the meal, and asked God's blessings on the graduates, as well as thanking Him for the servers and waiters who were looking after the food.  He petitioned Him to bless them and give them (and the rest of us) safe travel.  He then thanked the Lord for His watchful care of all those 75 year olds and asked for a continuance.

When he ended the prayer in Christ's name, he paused to listen, and that great throng of people said "Amen" quite forcefully.

I am not sure if this would happen with a class reunion for 2018.

The only thing that marred the event was the Noisic by a band that was hired, which had speakers on too high. We would have rather been able to hear ourselves talk and visit with each other. It would have been more pleasant and in better taste if the committee had hired quartets to sing some doo-wop from the 1950's, which is more in keeping with the age.

We have encountered this problem often in some of the events of our lives. They don't seem to realize that sort loudness with drums and percussion instruments does well in a concert hall, but it overwhelms a banquet room and makes it very unpleasant to eat by. This harsh music was unsuitable for the ladies and gentlemen of a more romantic era.

Because it was a small room in comparison to the volume, it came across muffled, and the tunes we're not identifiable. What we heard was a lot of crashing.

Could they not have supplied some simple  acoustic guitar music more sweetly played to an appreciative generation?  I can't wait to get home to children and grandchildren playing old time fiddle. I hope to be over the brain trauma by the time I return.

I was seated next to a lady who was obviously disgusted about the Noisic, who said after the first loud piece was performed,  "Let's pay them off now and let them go home before the entire evening is ruined." One noisic song later she said, "That one didn't take much talent."

Most of the group had been in the high school choir and knew how to sing. It would have been more digestible if they had done the music with the well trained strings of their vocal chords.

I heard several pieces of Noisic and went to the car to wait it out. The windows were rolled up and the doors of the building closed and I could still feel the Noisic in my feet as the band played on longer than necessary.


Tammy said...

What a neat town! I'm glad y'all had a great time at the reunion, and I'm
with you on loud music. No thanks!

You mentioned in a previous post about not finding any tea rooms. Could you google
for each state and see if any are in the way of your return? Perhaps someone here
that lives in those states can mention any they know of, as well.

Safe travels back, and good times the whole way through!

Amy B said...

Well, other than the band it sounds like a nice evening. A bit of a bummer about not getting to walk over to Mexico though. I love the brightly painted store fronts. Charming and inviting. Continued safe travels for you both.

Lydia said...

I heard someone say they could have spared a lot of expense by just playing a CD

Jana said...

I'm glad you and your husband got to enjoy taking time off together from your daily routines, traveling and sharing the sites and experiences with your viewers. It warms my heart.... I work at a law firm. Recently we had a very sweet lady walk in needing assistance with their estate after the passing of her husband. She was of a such sweet gentle nature. Before she left I asked her how long she had been married. She told me 60 something years (I can't remember the exact number she told me). She said, "We've been together every day and now that he's gone I'm having trouble getting used to him not being there." My heart broke for her, and at the same time I thought to myself, "You don't hear much of marriages lasting that long anymore." ..... I pray God's blessings upon you and your husband, and upon all your children, and upon the married children of God.