Friday, October 12, 2018

Road Tip, Day 4

Hello Ladies,

We are in Globe, Arizona, taking our time getting the car packed again. We are headed for Silver City, New Mexico  to spend the weekend, and we are not in a hurry at all.  I think I will get my electric kettle out of the trunk of the car and bring it into the motel room before we check out so I can get a decent cuppa.

There are no tea rooms or anywhere to get hot tea along the old  highways, which is where they should be, because it is easier to stop. It's just not right.

I must say the trip through Arizona was a lot like the hills and valleys of Tennessee, because it was so green, with soft, rolling countryside that I didn't expect, since I had only ever seen the desert side of it.

We will be going through all the little towns we can, on the way to Silver City, and stopping at the Walmarts also.  The grandkids apparently break out in peals of laughter while watching Papa park at Walmart, and then getting the jump on us by telling us what grocery aisle he is in. We decided to eat fresh groceries from now on and not so much restaurant or fast food.  My stomach was doing flip-flops.

If you want to contact us you can email me. It is on the sidebar. I will check it from my phone.and we can exchange phone numbers if you like.

We will not be going to Texas, even though it is quite close. Sorry for all you that asked.

It rained all through Arizona yesterday and we drove 644 miles, including Las Vegas (which I won't be driving through again. Notice the change from "we" to "I".

We were able to drive 14 hours because the motel we were in was so awful and the dinner we ate was just as bad, so we got up at 3:00 in the morning and left.

  • We are now eating picnic style with fresh food from the grocery storestores, and doing much better.

Yesterday, Arizona looked more like the green valleys of Tennessee

Here is the map again that I posted a few days ago.


Unknown said...

Dearest Lady Lydia, my husband and I took a road trip out West back in 2013 and we fell in love with Arizona and New Mexico! I, too, didn't realize how different the Arizona geography is! We drove from Georgia out to California, up to Washington and then across to the Midwest and finally making our way back to Georgia through Kentucky and Tennessee. I hope your road trip will continue to be fabulous!

Lynn said...

Your grandchildren are with you? !