Friday, October 19, 2018

Road Trip Day 9 & 10

On day 9 we traveled through Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho, and now on Day 10 are enjoying plush, green, English garden Oregon.

      The rock formations in Utah:

We met up with a favorite couple who worship with us in the church where we serve in Oregon and traveled across Colorado, and Wyoming. We stayed in Idaho and had breakfast together before we parted. They went back a different route. They were returning from a trip.

The hair pin curves in eastern Oregon were troublesome, enhanced by the alarming fact that the brakes on the passenger side were not working.


living from glory to glory said...

Greetings, So glad to have had you both for a very nice visit! You made me laugh when you said your passenger brake was not working! I bet it will feel great to be home and enjoy your home again! Being on the road and traveling can be long and tiring.
Hugs, Also posted a pic on my blog of us, it was not very clear! (Smiles)
Roxy xo

vintage ellen said...

It feels so good to be home after a trip. It makes you appreciate it even more. I also loved your comment about the passenger side brakes! Travel safely.