Friday, December 27, 2019

Becoming Excellent at Home, Being Positive With People


Tracy Kim said...

You are my favorite YouTuber.
My ten year old saw me flipping through YouTube,and she asked
"Mom are you looking for Mrs Lydia"
I told her Yes and she waited to see your teacup.
I have never owned a teacup but after listening to you .
My daughter and I both have teacups from HomeGoods now and we enjoy tea together in the afternoons.That has been some of the sweetest moments and I think they wouldn't have happened without you .
You are wonderful !
Thank you for opening my eyes in so many ways .My life is better, looks brighter and feels happier after focusing on the small things ....
A good book ,a beautiful tea cup ,a beautiful bouquet and tidy room ,a new painting ect.
A neighbor stopped by in to return something last week , because you have mentioned the beauty/importantance of opening your home to hosting/fellowshipping.
I invited her to come in for tea.
I thought that I would have to have a sophisticated/proper tea setting but you have taught me different.
I now think, that If I'm put together and my home is put together and I have a beautiful teacup to offer then it's a perfect opportunity to connect.
God is so good to bring you to YouTube for me to learn from .
I thank him for you and your teachings !

Lydia said...

High praise indeed! The advantage is yours and your guests when you have a few teacups and a presentable space. Your daughter will grow up loving her home!

Gigi said...

Yes, indeed, I absolutely love your videos - and I consider you like a virtual mother to me! I appreciate all your cheery talks - and of course, your shared love of tea and 'pretty living.'

Gigi said...

p.S. The bit about people slowing you down while you are homeschool... yes. I agree. I have taken my phone and turned off the ringer so I am not distracted and try to avoid "drop in" visits during school hours. It's quite impossible to teach a group of young children when someone knocks at the door and wants to just 'pop in' - even for 1/2 an hour. So hard to get things back to normal and before you know it, a whole morning is missed.

Feminine Belle said...

Had your talk on for a good part of the morning and then took it on the road.

It was nice having encouraging thoughts each time I climbed into my car and headed to the next store.

Finished your talk making a bundt cake for the New Year. ;-)

Catrina Dugué said...

I love, love, love these videos! Thank you :)

Hartslove said...

Hi Mrs. Sherman. I am a regular listener. Today I listened for 53 minutes. You kept me company while I broke down nine cardboard boxes for recycling, and I lugged the vacuum cleaner out of the closet, emptied it of debris, and placed it in the room that I intend to vacuum within the next day. Good day, Alexine

Willow said...

Thank you for all your wonderful tips on how to keep negativity out of the home - it's amazing how people's comments can have such an adverse effect on how we feel. Over the years I have had several very negative, hurtful comments about being a homemaker and not having a 'career', which have dented my confidence somewhat. After listening to many of your talks I now feel much better about looking after my home and raising my children. I will be 57 this year and I now look back and feel very content that I have been a stay-at-home mum and homemaker. As I listened today I sorted out all my seed packets, ready for spring and did a load of washing, after having guests for the holidays!

Laura Jeanne said...

Today I listened to this talk while I made a chocolate birthday cake for my son, who turns 15 today. :)

Lydia said...

Happy new year, Lydia. I hope this finds you well. I was unable to post a comment to your blog on your December 27 video, but you are welcome to add it for me with my first name if you’d like:

When you talked about the kitchen sign that used to hang in many homes, expressing gratitude for doing the dishes because it meant God provided food to eat, I smiled and thought of the many times I’ve been grateful for the many dishes to wash because it meant God provided family to share a meal with, or perhaps good company.

Thank you for your videos. My humble opinion would be to please keep them to an hour - if I’m unable to finish it all at once, I pick up the next time I’m folding laundry or washing those dishes I’m thankful for 😉.

God bless you in 2020,