Monday, December 02, 2019

Housewife Radio: Homemaker Support - Be the Mentor You Always Wanted

Hello Ladies,

I love reading the things you do while listening. Today I talk about looking for a mentor and approaching your home with new eyes.

You can read Home Comforts on Google Books here
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Laura Lane said...

I've not listened yet to this support, but I want you to know that I enjoy listening to you as I work. I feel motivated and seem to get more done. I usually start with the dishes. My dishwasher isn't working because the sink drain is messed up, so I do my dishes in the right sink and set them in a rack to dry. I also dust or do laundry while I listen.

Thank you! You are very motivational and encouraging in my role as housewife and mother of two who are old enough to leave the nest but are enjoying the safety of mom and dad's place while they study at the colleges.

Be blessed,
Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage
Carthage, Missouri

Laura Lane said...

Just listened. I got ready for day and made breakfast and ate while I listened this time. I'm now listening to another of your videos.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,
Due to a household full of company and the influenza virus going through the family, I was not able to listen to the last 3 housewife radio messages until today.Let me tell you, these talks are far better than listening to any background music. Each episode held my interest and kept me happily engaged in my housework today. Thank you so very, very much!!

I like the idea of naming the rooms and agree wholeheartedly that we need to guard and guide our homes with creativity and warmth.

If we succumb to adult peer pressure, we will most certainly be squelched in our creative, home making endeavors.

Today, because of listening to 3 videos in a row, I was able to decorate 3 rooms in my house for Christmas!! I can’t tell you how your suggestions kept me going.

Now, however, I better take your advice to rest from my labors and just sit back and enjoy the accomplishments and achievements I made in changing things up around my home today. God bless you, Lydia.

Hartslove said...

Hello Mrs. Sherman,

I just finished listening to your talk called Be the Mentor You Always Wanted. I listened in three sessions: in the Metrorail system after work yesterday, in the car driving the rest of the way home, and finally this afternoon as I corrected a document onscreen (while teleworking from home). I often listen to you through earphones when I am at the office, and it doesn't matter to me if I have to pause play or backtrack several times. Thank you for sharing and keeping us company.


Robyn G. said...

Hello everyone!

My kids are all grown and I'm still going to be the keeper of our home. I love LOVE this job, even though resistance came at us from both my family and my husbands. God has been faithful and we didn't sign up for "easy".