Sunday, December 22, 2019

Sunday Best, Enjoying the Home, What Not to Say

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lynn maust said...

Lydia, how beautiful your place looks,.....especially the wonderful fire glowing in your fireplace....even tho it's a pretend one. So so pretty. Thanks for giving us this lovely view of your living room!

Lydia said...

Glad it cheered you, Lynn. It is more cluttered than I like but for this season, it is nice to have all the lighted things!

stephanie said...

I really love your living room! It looks so full of Christmas joy. Thank you, also, for all of your helpful advice...

Lydia said...

Ladies, regarding the talk today: Take it or leave it. It isn't anything final. It is just my observation! I hope you were occupied in your activities while listening.

Lydia said...

Hello! I have been following your wonderful blog for quite some time now and have finally figured out how to reach you on email. I’ve tried leaving comments but my password doesn’t work I’ve tried re setting I don’t know... It doesn’t matter I’ve finally found your email! I want to thank you for HouseWife Radio. This has been such a blessing to me! You always look so lovely and after you present your tea cup and outfit of the day yes I do get busy. I have gotten so much work done with you by my side I’d like you to know! I’ve done loads of laundry unloaded and loaded the dishwasher cleaned kitchen counters sinks and floors cleaned bathrooms washed down walls organized my son’s room mopped floors dusted every nook and cranny of the living room vacuumed drapes (with you on pause of course) cleaned glass surfaces washed kitchen cabinets just everything Mrs. Sherman! I’ve got all kinds of lists going thank you ma’am 🥰 I love when you read to us I love when you do ironing with us. I enjoy your bright and beautiful rooms as well. I know you want to get some sewing done but I can’t imagine how you would while taking to us for a whole hour and I do appreciate that wonderful hour! I saw a YouTube video where Mr. S gave a brief sermon and I’d like to hear more from Mr. S if possible. It was so nice to hear his words and I did benefit from his talk with us. I do love your dealing with people section of your talks. The “know it alls” hit home. So did the advice of not giving too much information. I’d love to hear your thoughts on dealing with teens in today’s society keeping harmony with your husband “fighting fair” if you will. I’d love for you to talk about food feeding the family special recipes you have. Shopping tips thoughts on coupons. How to maintain a pantry. I’d love a glimpse into your kitchen how you organize pot and pans and what are your can’t live with out items. A little about me I am 44 years old I’ve been married for 14 years we have one precious son who is 13 now. I have been a homemaker for 14 years I live in New Jersey. I am a Roman Catholic Christian who loves Jesus and serving my family my hobbies are making crafts florals decorating at home and helping at my son’s school. Most of my activity revolves around shopping cooking baking and helping my husband. Thank you Mrs. Sherman and please keep Housewife Radio going!
Merry Blessed Christmas to you and Mr. S and happy New Year 2020 🌹🥰🙏🏼
Mrs. Lauren Griffin ❤️

Hello Lauren,

I am not sure what setting I have missed so that some people just can't post their comments. But I am sure glad to receive anything on email and that seems to be working out okay so you don't have to register.

Sewing is something I'd like to do more off, but the noise of the machine might be a problem if I was talking on video at the same time. It would be a new challenge and I am already thinking about how I might do it, but we'll see what happens.

Thanks for the suggestions of subject matter and I will consider them all.

Thank you for tuning in and I hope it leaves you feeling good.


Amelia said...

Lydia, Very nice video, your home looks so cozy and inviting with the Christmas spirit and the fireplace going. Love the cardinal cup set, I mentioned to my husband I would like to have one like that, cardinals have been God's special messengers to me concerning my father's passing away. In Texas, we have cardinals and they are so pretty.

While listening to the video I got ready for the day down to my running shoes,Christmas sweater and makeup, wrapped a gift, cleaned up a wrapping paper/ribbon mess washed a pot and pan in the kitchen and put some towels in to wash and removed some clothing from the dryer.

Your sweater is pretty, I love the color and the ribbon down the back, it's Victorian looking I think. Very neat.

I'm very surprised at the weird teachings that go around. Not telling our husband's when we aren't well? That does not sound like a husband caring for his wife the way Christ cares for the Church. It's hard enough in marriage with just normal personality differences and being raised differently without someone throwing that in. I hope the younger ladies will ask the more seasoned ladies their opinion on that before buying into it. That teaching sounds far out there and scary at that. I've been married for going on 40 years and I'm thankful I *can* tell my husband things. *smile*

Hoping you are enjoying your cozy home there, keep up the good teachings, it's very good advice for all.

Merry Christmas Blessings, ~Amelia

Lydia said...

Amelia, There are more strange teachings about the marriage relationship than I've ever heard in the past. One that is going around on the web is that marriage is all about the husband but not about anything that concerns the wife. I don't this comes from, but it certainly isn't the bride and bridegroom description in the Bible.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Thank you for all the smiles you brought to my face today as you spoke. I really enjoyed the story about the Little Debbie snacks and your son’s witty reply.😁 I am finishing up last minute Christmas preparations, so I was glad to have your company and see your beautiful, festive home.

I also wanted to comment on the marriage wise to remind others that the Bible has everything we need pertaining to living this life and glorifying Him in our relationships. I, too, am happy to be married to a man that cares about what concerns me. Many times when he gets up on Saturday mornings, the first thing he says is, “What can I do for you today?” I need to be careful about not taking advantage of his gracious ways. 😏

Merry Christmas, Lydia, and thank you for making these housewife radio messages. It is a very good idea to listen and keep working at the same time. Perhaps you should patent these wonderful “listen as you work” videos. My, how I enjoy them.


I'll be happy to do it. Always looking for material to speak about!

Robyn G. said...

What a great video today, thank you very much. I believe if you don't tell your husband that you need help, you're actually denying him one of the greatest privileges that he was created to do: To provide! Men LOVE to provide … anything! Generally, when men are being emasculated it sounds, to them, like a demand "to do" instead of request for the provision of help.

Lydia, you are obviously a generous RECEIVER from your man, and that's why he LOVES to provide for you. (I'm still learning this feminine art)

Lydia said...

What I was responding to was some of the religious teachings about womanhood that abound through marriage books and websites, etc. in the last decade. Some of them are rather strict about the communication between husband and wife. I think they can work it out themselves and not try to follow other people's ideas of how things should be in their own marriages. There is a lot going on in these teachings that is not even in line with the Bible. Women cannot be helpers to their husbands if they are passive about everything. Many couples began their lives as good friends and with good understanding. They get under some marriage book teaching and there is more conflict than necessary