Friday, December 06, 2019

Homemaker Support: Making the Most of Isolation

Hello Ladies,

I hope to do this more often but life gets in the way! Please enjoy listening while you get through some of your homemaking today, and please leave comments or send email and I'll post them for you.

This is the Avon necklace that became vintage almost overnight ;-)

One of the books mentioned in the video was HERE , an adventure story and romance written by one of the housewife bloggers on my sidebar, Adventures in Keeping House.  Here is a picture of her book:

...and this is what the room, from which I was broadcasting, looks like now after a little makeover:

Here is the printed blanket from Walmart, which has the solid color on one side, used for the couch cover:
You can see the price there on the yellow tag just below the item. I took the picture at Walmart.

Because YouTube has messed up the way we publish, it is impossible to get this video to play if it is " made for children" and it is impossible to get all my subscribers notified when it is clicked as "Not made for children." Therefore, you will do better to subscribe to my BLOG, which is on the left sidebar, to be notified of recent posts, including videos.


lynn maust said...

You living space looks really nice.

Homemaker's Heart said...

I am so grateful for your post. I have been having trouble opening you tube, but can watch all your videos if they are embedded in your website. Thank you.

Please share, where did you find those beautiful cranberry colored couch covers! Those would be perfect on my couch. I only have an off white one.

As soon as I saw the picture, I said out loud -oh how beautiful! Thank you for sharing.


Lydia said...

The quilt on the couch is new from Walmart and has a printed quilt on the other side. I used the solid color side on the couch. It is a cranberry plum color. The chair covers are full/ queen sheet set; fitted sheet on Grandma’s chair, firmly tucked in the crevices,and the elastic edges on the fitted part are folded under. and flat sheet on the bigger wing chair which also has a foot rest attached. I’ve had experience with commercial slip covers which are very expensive and must tell you these sheets cling better and are very inexpensive. I’ve already had company that day on this furniture and the covers stayed put! I’ll keep this all up until March and then I want to change it to green! I will try to post an extra picture for you

ProLIFEmommy said...

I just found you from a tweet someone I follow posted!! So happy! I am learning as I go along & struggle to balance homemaking & homeschooling with an infant & several little people who aren’t happy about having to clean up after themselves. I look forward to reading, being inspired & learning from you!

Lydia said...

Thank you for stopping by and staying awhile to listen. I do hope to get time to make a complete video list on the sidebar that you can go directly to. However you can scroll through older posts and find them.

Amelia said...

Such an interesting radio program! Love to hear your talks on people too, so funny and I think it's funny because it's so true! lol You have some good advise on that.

You were talking about having friends as a young girl and even holding hands, I could *so* relate to that. I remember those sweet times too. I'm an only child and lived in a very old neighborhood so whenever I would have anyone to play with it was a treat. I remember two sisters I loved who would visit their grandmother across the street and for some reason they would not ask me to play one evening, I thought they were my friends and I remember standing there staring through our very old chainlink fence hoping they would notice. Oh well, all of that to say, I remember how enjoyable having a sweet friend once in a while was.

Love the colors and everything in your living room, very pretty and I like the couch cover idea, that is great and clean too since you can pop it in the wash. The painting is so serene, like a scene I would like to step into.

I think everyone is recovering from Thanksgiving and having colds so things seem very slow right now, even our grocery store was very, very slow.

I did little things while listening, mostly in the kitchen tidying up making a big salad with my new amazon warehouse special salad shooter. *big smile*

Lydia said...

You are a breath of fresh air! Thank you so much for putting these videos up and sharing your tips, encouragement, and company. I've listened to so many, I didn't know which post to comment on. I figured an email made more sense. You've inspired me to pay attention to what I wear and it truly has had a positive impact on my homemaking and my children. The first few days I got dressed up, my almost four year old would ask, "where are we going?" Oof! Talk about feeling convicted!

I am a housewife with a hard working husband and two sweet little girls. Over the past year, I've struggled with motivation. I'm the daughter of a pastor, my mom stayed home (still is with my youngest sister,) I know the importance of being home but I've been struggling with feeling a need to "contribute financially." I feel that, through you, the Lord has breathed new life into my motivation, renewed my spirit in this oh so important endeavor.

I appreciated your company while painting my living room this evening. My Hubby and I are prepping our home to move from a teeny town in the tippy top of Idaho to a small town in the Mojave Desert. It'll be an adventure, for sure. The desert is so beautiful and I'm excited to pull some of those gorgeous colors into our new space. I'm looking forward to more "chats" with you while putting together our new home. Again thank you for doing what you do. Have a fantastic evening!

Lydia said...

Trying to get in a better habit of showing the cup at first instead of at last!

Lydia said...

I just wanted to thank you for your videos. I have gotten a lot done while listening to them! God bless you.

(I’ve sent other comments under your blog posts after listening to other videos but it may not have gone through. It’s okay, just wanted to thank you)

Have a good day!

Willow said...

Thank you for this video, it was great to listen and work alongside you while you did your ironing! I cleaned my kitchen and prepared some food for later. You have such a great insight into how people think and behave - such good advice about not sharing too much information with acquaintances etc. I love to hear you talk of childhood and more innocent times, and of being brought up to help around the house and to have good manners! I look forward to your next talk.

Amelia said...

When is your next talk? : ) We miss you Mrs. Sherman!

Lydia said...

Hi Lydia just finished your latest vlog, really enjoy the length of it. It allows me to cook, bake and iron, I made things for Christmas today and did dishes, made my bed and did a little house decorating while I listened to you, keep them coming. Dahlia

Lydia said...

Hello Lydia!
For some reason, the comments I post using my phone don’t seem to reach you. I must make the time to dust off my laptop and try to post from there! I just adore your videos and I get so much out of them! I finished your latest on Tuesday and got three sets of horizontal blinds cleaned ( never buying those again) and cleaned the theatrical light fixture in my bathroom. It is lovely to see you and visit while accomplishing something! Please continue to make them- they are such a blessing!

Love, In Christ,

Lydia said...

Thank you ladies. I'm listing some things to talk about soon and am amazed at how much you gt done!! Keep the lists coming

Lydia said...

The next video is processing right now and should be posted soon, but it is for tomorrow's housework.

Aliyah said...

I ironed clothes and cleaned while listening. Thanks!

Laura Jeanne said...

I listened to this talk tonight while I made supper, and then the second half while I added a pattern into my Etsy shop. :)

I smiled inwardly while listening to what you were saying about trying to find the benefits of isolation...I am a very introverted person, and although I like people in general I find social situations exhausting...I have always loved being by myself, quiet at home. When I was first married my husband worked the afternoon shift, and I used to love being alone at home for the first time, and being able to do whatever I liked and plan my own time. Now I have the children here with me always, and sometimes I wish I had a little more time by myself. So for me, the isolation of homemaking is one of the greatest benefits! A quiet day at home is pretty much my favourite thing. :)

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I listened to this again today as I did a big clean-up in my kitchen. There's something about listening to you that helps me keep working. Maybe it's that you help me see value in what I'm doing even when it appears no one else does. Thank you, please keep making these videos. I'd like to have you do another ironing video sometime. Maybe I could do my ironing while I listen.
Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage Laura