Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Ordinary Teacup

Hello Dear Ones,

I purchased this very plain teacup yesterday at Home Goods, to give away. 

It is a pleasant contrast to the dreary weather you see in the background of these photos.

 It is one of the less ornamental, fancy cups available in that store and yet it has an old fashioned homestead type of appeal. I recall even in the days of living in a cabin, the teacups that refined the roughness and discomfort of life.

The set is surprisingly lightweight and the price is only $8.00 and there is a version of it with a blue floral print.  The price is high if you are used to paying $5.00 but I have noticed the cost of Home Goods teacups varies according to the season. The one I am going to show you in the next video is much prettier but much cheaper.

If there is no Home Goods in your area, try TJ Max, Marshalls or Ross or other discount stores. These have the very same merchandise.

This cup is designed as gift, and includes a little box of peppermint tea inside the cup and the set is snugly wrapped  together and ready to gift.

I thought you might enjoy having one of these for yourself or your children, since it is an everyday type of cup you can put in the dishwasher.

In the absence of anything more interesting today, here is a "yesterday" photo show how the living room of the Manse has been changed by a different color. I loved the cranberry coverings and accessories by it didn’t take me long to get tired of it and  want to go back to something a little calmer.

There are a few
 things to do now and hope to be back before the end of the day or early in the morning with a 15 minute talk.

 If you have already read this, please refresh the page, because I added some more photos.

God Bless You,


PS: Amelia, from My Forest Cathedral blog, I was unable to email you from your site, so I wonder if you could email me. My email link is on the left of this blog.


Laura Lane said...

Wow what a difference your coverings made! I went to a catalog return store to shop with a friend yesterday. I found four throw pillows for my sofa and loveseat. I really needed some. Just $2.99 each! They made the living room look so much cozier and more comfy!
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Catrina Dugué said...

That tea cup set is lovely! Such a nice gift!

lynn maust said...

I like both colors...the rose and the green. Both look very nice.

Jennifer said...

Sometimes those simple changes in a room make such a difference! It's lovely and the picture behind the couch is lovely!
The tea cup is so pretty and it'll be a delightful gift for someone! It's nice to find things like that to give away.

Gigi said...

So beautiful!
It is so nice to change the colours and setting of a room - how fun. And what a change!

Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

Dear Lydia,
I love the new colors! I like rich colors, too, but I find that they darken my home with its small windows.I hope your family had a very merry Christmas!
Love, Marqueta

Lydia said...

I agree the bold colors make these small spaces seem more crowded. Yes we had a quiet Christmas. It isn't safe to travel in this weather so we encourage all relatives to stay home.