Thursday, December 12, 2019

Housewife Radio: Dress Thin, Invite Yourself, Take a Home Tour, Do the Best you Can With What You Have, The Know-it-All, Not Always Having Problems

Grace's China (Homegoods, TJ Max, Marshalls, Ross and other discount stores)

The Time and True brand plaid ladies shirt is available in several colors at Walmart. Prices begin at $13.00 and usually are reduced at the end of the season.

Summer Tanager

Weight scale or “set of values “

Thank you ladies for all you do for me and I hope you get a lot of things done while you listen. Please leave some comments on anything you hear that interests you and also leave a list of everything you got done while listening.



Mrs M. said...

I listened while I washed dishes, prepared a few day's worths of salad, made a batch of stuffing, ate a bowl of cereal, and got a batch of cheese started with our cow's milk.

Karen said...

I listened while I sorted through old papers and receipts and tidied our home office. Thank you Lydia!

Amelia said...

Enjoyed the talk, I listened in different sessions; putting my makeup on, juicing, tidying up getting dressed in my (presentable) work clothes for the day. Put together a box of goodies for our delivery people during the Christmas season lit with battery operated lights in our delivery bin and a sign that says how we appreciate them, God bless them and safe travels-Merry Christmas! (So fun)

When I go anywhere or even if home I always ask myself: If I ran into an old friend would I be embarrassed with the way I looked? Actually this happened to my husband and I as we were sitting in front of an ice cream parlor in the warm weather. An old friend pulled up in front of where we were sitting. I was dressed in a flattering and modest way with a long flowy skirt I was very happy about that and felt confident.

Love the cup, it reminds me of a cardinal. Cardinals have special meaning to me. I bought my mother a shirt like yours only it has green in it too, I bought the purple and black, those are such nice shirts and cotton too!

Blessings! ~Amelia

Dianne said...

Can you share your address? I lost it! (For those of us who might wish to mail you something!) Thank you ...!!

Lydia said...

My email is on the left side. I would be glad to send you the address.

Lydia said...

Dianne I sent you an email using your comcast address, earlier. Hope you get it.

Dianne said...

Thank you!! I just did! :))

D said...

Thankyou for the gentle, wise words you speak. Been doing lots of knitting as I listen,D.

Willow said...

Today I filled up some bird feeders for my garden while I listened to your talk, and then I wrapped up some Christmas gifts for my family. Sometimes I listen in the evenings before going to bed, as I find your videos very calming. Thank you Lydia.