Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Room Tour: Lady Guest Room

Hello Ladies,  Please enjoy the first room of my Christmas House Tour.  I have already had several groups of ladies over  on different days of the week, for tea and a tour.

 I so enjoy this era of virtual sharing because it reaches people who cannot possibly attend the House Tour.

I just realized these pictures don't enlarge but please enjoy while you wait for me to replace them!
This is my "blush pink" tree which I made from a Dollar Tree white tree, spray painting it with a color called "Pink Peony" that seems to be the "blush" color that this room is decorated in.

I draped battery operated strings of lights ($1.00 from DT) around the furnishings,

...and used ordinary things already in the room (such as the birdcage candle holder)  to go with the color and festive theme,

...such as a basin full of pink ornaments accented by a string of battery lights.

This enamel-ware candle holder matches the enamel sink you see in the room.
Another one of the white trees from DT painted in the blush pink and draped with lights.

The Little pink car is from Walmart last year, about 98 cents, and the metal house tealight holder also comes from Walmart. I've spray painted it the blush pink.

Pink metalic wrapped gift boxes from Dollar Tree, 
and the green wreath over the painting on the door is also 
from DT.

  I have had these wood hangers since 19--, you know, and someone had 
already painted them and put these lovely bird stencils on them.
 Several years ago I began a new trend here at The Manse, by not hanging ornaments on trees, and just putting them in collections in bowls around the room. It is easier to put it all away later on and it spreads the brightness around.

 I quickly took some pictures to post here because there is always a small threshold of time before the room is occupied. I caught a few moments of it sitting still and quiet!

The furniture, and some of the accessories and decor in this lady's guest room is from my husband's parent's house. They would be thrilled if they knew we were enjoying using it so much. It was second-hand when they got it, back in their day, and it still looks nice. 

I hope to get back here today and show you more rooms on different posts. I have a few other colors going on here. Eventually I might take the challenge to put it on video but for now please enjoy the photos.



Have a lovely day.


Christine said...

You have given me some ideas!
Love the color of this room, so feminine.

Lydia said...

Christine, I have a man's room too which I hope to show soon!

Feminine Belle said...

Is it just me or does the Dollar General/Tree have some of the most prettiest gift bags?

As I was in there last week and bumped into an older gentleman which shared his holiday spirit by telling me a story of his family life.

~ I walked away, warmed by his spirit of generosity ~

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Thank you for all the smiles you brought to my face today as you spoke. I really enjoyed the story about the Little Debbie snacks and your son’s witty reply.😁 I am finishing up last minute Christmas preparations, so I was glad to have your company and see your beautiful, festive home.

I also wanted to comment on the marriage books...how wise to remind others that the Bible has everything we need pertaining to living this life and glorifying Him in our relationships. I, too, am happy to be married to a man that cares about what concerns me. Many times when he gets up on Saturday mornings, the first thing he says is, “What can I do for you today?” I need to be careful about not taking advantage of his gracious ways. 😏

Merry Christmas, Lydia, and thank you for making these housewife radio messages. It is a very good idea to listen and keep working at the same time. Perhaps you should patent these wonderful “listen as you work” videos. My, how I enjoy them.


Holly, not only the Bible, but wives have the actual husband to get to know and exchange ideas with, so that they can help each other enjoy life together.

Linda said...

Just want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog.

Lydia said...

thank you for the nice greeting.

Laura Lane said...

Dear Lydia,
Do you have lots of overnight company during the holidays? I am having a guest tomorrow night overnight. But I don't generally get overnight guests.

Lydia said...

Laura Lane, no, never in winter.

Willow said...

I'm just catching up here, after watching your videos on YouTube - I really enjoy reading your blog posts and seeing photos of your lovely home! I think the colours in this room are so pretty - my favourites! This looks like such an inviting guest room - what a great idea to have collections of baubles in various places, other than on a tree.

Kaye :) said...

Hi Lydia,

Catching up on your blog. Your home tour is nice and lovely. Hope you're having a great and peaceful day.

Kaye :)