Sunday, March 15, 2020

Windows and Mirrors, Children at Home, Pioneer Ribbons Episode 4

Hat, scarf and netting : Dollar Tree
Fabric 4 yards Classic Cotton $2.50 per yard at Hobby Lobby = $10.00
Zipper, Thread, Piping, Button --from my stash

This is the hair clip and also a view of it from the underside so you can see how it is put together on the clip:


Unknown said...

I just recently found your blog. I love listening to your videos! I find so much encouragement in them. It is very easy to become discouraged with housework. Cleaning my kitchen, folding towels, dusting...all have become less daunting while listening to you. Thank you!!

Robyn G. said...

Great encouragement today Mrs. S, thank you!! It is interesting about people. We've been traveling around for many years and have not had a home church, but have just started attending. It took less than a month--literally 1 month for someone, (who shall remain nameless of course) to demean homemaking and homeschooling as not real contributions and that "missions" work is the only true work of God. And they don't want their daughter being a LAZY homemaker, they want her life to count for something more. WOW--i felt like I'd been gut-punched, as we were a homeschooling family, and both of our daughters now also want to home school their own children (when they marry and start having kids. What a way to make a sister feel welcome!! (yes, that was sarcasm)

Anyway, I just responded with, "ouch" (because this particular person knows we are a homeschooling family). So, your talk today on about people, helped me to work through a bit more of it!

I normally do some housework while I listen but today, I ate my breakfast first. Then I started on making a double batch of ketchup.

Southern Ladye said...

Good afternoon! I have followed your blog for a very long time, but I don't get to listen to your videos very often, because I work outside the home and my housecleaning during the week takes place very early in the morning while others are sleeping, so playing the videos on my computer would interrupt them. I am off work this week due to spring break and I am listening as a fold a load of laundry as I am the only one home and I am enjoying the lovely chat in the midst of all of the chaos. Of course, I agree that we should all be practical and like you said, be prepared, but we should not hoard and we shouldn't be anxious. Some practical things I am doing is to make sure to keep my pantry stocked, but not overstuffed. Washing hands, especially when returning from being out of the house and of course, at the regular times you should wash your hands. We also have been changing clothes when coming home from errands or work, but we do that anyway during this horrid pollen season as there are several of us in the home with allergy problems. I also dug out my vintage glove collection and am wearing my gloves when out and about. People don't realize that women not only wore gloves to complete their outfit, but they also wore them for protection from the grime and germs. I also sterilize my handkerchiefs and change them out frequently. We must be cautious, but we must be sensible about it at the same time. Have a lovely day.

Lydia said...

Thank you for your comment. I'm honored that you have come to see me!

Lydia said...

Hello Lydia,

I wanted to echo the sentiment of the anonymous comment that was posted. Yes, it does make all of our housework less daunting while listening to these videos. I would add that it actually makes housework a lot more enjoyable as well. Today’s message left me in a better state of mind, and I do want to thank you so much again, and again, and again!!! It was lovely to see you in the beautiful dress you sewed and the appealing colors of the picture behind you enhanced it all the more. I am super charged by all the things you talked about today. I was able to get dressed, do some ironing, and clean the kitchen up. It has been a happy morning today because of your visit
Blessings, Holly
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Lydia said...

My next post might be political but I'll put a warning in the title ;-)

Jaclyn Juliette said...

What a lovely celebration of St. Patrick’s day kelly green! My ancestry is Irish. Though we’ve been here in New York City for 120 years now.

Lydia said...

Southern Layde, in a flue season in the 1800’s tge health dep told everyone to wear gloves, cover their heads and have a clean handkerchief. In a short time the flu in that city subsided. This old newspaper article might be available online somewhere.

Lydia said...

Jaclyn, My grandmother was Borden, in Canada and it is assumed she was Irish. I love the col green and Oregon is very green

Moderate Mouse said...

Can we bring back the wearing gloves in public (style irrelevant) at least until the pandemic blows over?

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Love the hat and glad that you had a nice sunny day to enjoy.
Self quarantining these days. Just getting over pneumonia and hoping to get healthy.
Hope all is well up in the wilds of Oregon.

Unknown said...

Hello Lydia,
Thank you so much for your blog and videos. I love listening while I work around our home.
If you could please talk about during the people portion of the video about how to deal with people who want to just ignore our leaders advice about gathering with others, I have a situation with this and I want to deal with this in an itelligent and mature way. Some think it's over reacting but I feel it's important to stop or slow down something that could be a lot worse. Not panic but err on the side of caution. You are very eloquent with your speech and handle yourself with confidence and I would love to hear your take on this.
Thank you for your time

Lydia said...

As I've already prepared for my next talk, I won't be able to discuss the social distancing but if you feel strongly about something you can probably enforce it yourself. I'm in the country and socially distanced for many years and its hard for me to relate to people who are used to living around a lot of people, such as in cities. I haven't kept abreast of the new rules and really don't feel qualified to say anything at this point.

Lydia said...

but I am mulling it over and considering including something about it in my next talk!

Laura Jeanne said...

I am behind in your talks and just got around to this one today. I enjoyed it very much! I liked what you said about letting completed jobs such as laundry on the line be my reward. And I enjoyed the 4th installment of Pioneer Ribbons very much! This is a delightful story which is filled with the joyful character of its author. :) I really appreciated the suggestion to make little books of my own for my children. How strange, but I never thought of doing that before. What a lovely idea!