Tuesday, March 24, 2020

30 Things to do at Home

Note: the purpose of having 30 things to do was based on a month of 30 days. If you could say "yes" to these questions every month, you certainly could be bored with nothing to do.


Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

Just 10 minutes in and this is SO good!! I don't know what it is, but something about this is So right! So encouraging. I'm going to hold on tighter to my hope Mrs.Sherman. thanks so much..gotta go finish the video while I rest my feet.😊 I just wanted to leave a quick comment.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

Speaking of stores being raided of what the media reports on to keep sanitary, I checked out the silk flowers at dollar tree. Still there. It was hard to select the perfect ones for me. I remembered what you siad about checking to see if they're smushed. Some were. The cutest thing was baby leaf of the popular houseplant Monserta in a bouquet! I decided on those to cut disect and tape individually to pens and markers creating my own unique bouquet. It's sitting in my window now serving double duty. By the way your lipstick and eyeshadow are so pretty on you. You look Darling.⚘

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

This was just not merely good; it was an excellent talk for beginning, aspiring, and seasoned homemakers alike! It should end the inquiry of asking what does a homemaker do all day?! Now I am off to create a beautiful entry corner into my home. Thank you and God bless you, Lydia.

An avid follower,

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Mrs. Michele Ann said...

Would you have time to post the "30 Things to Do at Home" or send it in an email. I would love to share it with the young ladies in my bible study.

Lydia said...

It is posted here https://homeliving.blogspot.com/2007/09/taking-time-to-reflect.html and also on the main post, is a link, just above the video.