Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Happy Things Three Times a Day at Home

Among the Flowers
by Robert Payton Reid (1859-1945)


mystical heart said...

Thank you Lydia. I always look forward to your videos. I frequently quote your words to our family so that your name has become a joyful positive word in our home. I love what you said about "fixing something" rather than simply striving to be "positive". God Bless you and your husband. Isabell:-)

Lydia said...

Very nice of you to say so.

Lydia said...

I appreciated very much your encouraging talk on improving ourselves. It dawned on me, that we can improve ourselves, if need be, for free. I'm always waiting to have money or an item(s) to motivate. I need to do SOMETHING to improve with what I have!
You mentioned hair loss. I am one who is losing in the past month or so. I was suspicious it is stress.
God bless and thank you again for your uplifting attitude.

Lydia said...

I am pretty sure hair loss or thinning hair has a lot to do with stress. One strange thing is that ladies will have it grow out a certain length on a spot and not get longer. It has been connected to adrenal fatigue.Breathing better and sleeping better could help, and of course a lot of research can be done on this.

Janine said...

What is the name of the booklet by Taylor Caldwell that you are reading from? It's very interesting. Where did you find it?

I was glad to hear about sleeping in until 9:00 am. For the past few years I've slept from midnight to 9:00 am. It really seems to be my optimum hours. I'd LOVE to fall asleep sooner and wake up at 7:00, but I just lay awake in bed until midnight.

Thanks for telling us about Peggy. She gives me courage! Tomorrow I'm going to go to my grocery store...we will see what happens. I hope it is a good experience. I've sent off a letter to them, but I don't expect to hear back. It would be nice if they send one back that recognizes the ADA guidelines. I'd feel like I could shop in peace at that point.

I love the Channel Mr. Reagan! And the 13 Minute News Hour. We are definitely on the same page.

anonymous said...

Berries are ripening on the property this time of year and we have visiting bears which make the dog bark all night keeping us awake. I am resting a lot today and planning to have some of your famous berry tea.
I want to thank you for sharing your homeschool lesson today. It has become my favorite part of the video. Reminds me of a favorite teacher who was more of a friend than an elder.
Pretty dress and matching teacup! Pretty smile too! Thank you for sharing Lydia.