Tuesday, July 28, 2020

July Pictures

Hello Ladies,

I took this picture recently when there was an interesting haze over everything.  It was like having a filter on the camera.

I am busy today de-cluttering and sewing but I hope to make another video for you soon. In the meantime, please go to the continuous play on the left of this blog if you want to listen to the older videos. 

Today I have:

Prepared for the day 
Been for a walk and made a few remarks to the rabbit that freely roams around here
Heard the crows
Moved the water sprinklers around the land
Made my ambitious list
Folded sheets and pillowcases fresh from the line
I liked the dollar store calendar page for July this year because it is the most beautiful one I have seen in a long time. No matter what the hemisphere in which you live, the calendar publishers do not always make July a very pretty picture.

For those of you who want a little more to mentally chew on:

 In this next video, below,  he deals with the gloom and doom type of things we are always hearing that make us less productive in life. (judging by his accent I would guess the speaker is Jamaican.) I love the scriptures he uses. 


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

I love the peonies on the calendar page. I've gotten 3 calendars so far this year in the mail.

Lydia said...

im going to order calendars this year.