Friday, July 24, 2020

That First Cup of Tea

What a wonderful, luxurious richness there is, that crosses all social and economic lines, in that first sip of the day from a fine tea cup. It is as welcome when taken while in a primitive setting or a royal one. In fact, that lovely, refining cup of tea makes everything royal. It truly sets the tone for the day, especially when sipped thoughtfully.

Today I want to share some pattern pictures for those who are interested in sewing without zippers:

Simplicity 8981 (2020) 
This one has easy sleeves that are attached already.

New Look 6352
This one (above) is my all around favorite and I use it in many different ways with a variety of sleeves from other patterns. I also fold in the skirt pattern sides to make it a straight dress.It does require set in sleeves and is not easy in that respect. 

Simplicity 8871 (2020)
This one has set in sleeves, which can be difficult for some people, but there is no zipper.

I have not sewn this one yet but it has no zip.
You also have to deal with facings in all these patterns, which can be a pain for non-experienced sewists. However there is also an alternative for facings: turn down the raw edge of the neckline a fourth inch and press firmly, then turn it over again to hide the raw edge, and sew it like a hem.  It is hard to do on a neckline curve but much faster than a facing. I use piping or bias binding on the necklines when I don't want to sew a facing. Most facings are very easy if the pattern has been well tested. I have found some patterns with facings that won't fit. Maybe you have, too.

This Week  for Your Refinement Assignment (make a list in your notebook):

Notice one ordinary thing to be thankful for and make a note of it.
Start a Home Contentment Journal and at the end of the day list the tasks you worked on, the things you completed, the observations you had, and your ideas .
Send out one card or a personal newsletter to one person.
Pray for anyone who has been spiteful, disgruntled, sharp and critical.
Correct one character flaw in yourself.
Exercise every day, even if it is a few stretches. It helps balance the thinking and the emotions.
Engage in pleasant talk and avoid contradicting and arguing. It will go a long way to cutting down on stress. 
Do one creative thing this week if you can manage it.

 I do hope today will be a time for getting through personal challenges and making good use of the time God has given you.


Lydia said...

Hello Lydia,

I want you to know I am checking in daily, anticipating every message. Lately, however, my internet connection has been interrupted and is working very slowly. It has caused a bit of frustration to my normal, leisurely listening. Hence, the reason for delayed comments.😐
Recently you said something that, in my opinion, was one of the kindest, most thoughtful statements on record. You instructed us to find our comfort zone. I have never been told that! It has always been we must get out of our comfort zone. Some of us, as you pointed out , have not discovered our comfort zone and really need to be intentional about coming apart from the craziness in the world to rest and create that haven of peace in our home. Thank you for the wonderful encouragement, Lydia.


lynn maust said...

Good advice, Holly.

April in El Paso said...

So true. We are “TOLD” so many things which rob women of greatest calling from our LORD as women. GOD gave women a cherished place of honor in the home. SAD, as so many foolish women exchanged the truth of the lie of feminism.

Thank you Lydia for standing on HIS truth in these troubled times. Your daily edification and encouragement are “gems” for us ladies to treasure.

April in El Paso

LeighSabey said...

I don't often get a chance to listen to your videos (my children are talkers!) so it's a nice treat when I find a written blog post from you. Thank you for the reminder to slow down to enjoy my tea and to feel royal!